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Antibiotics, misuse and effects on human body


Egyptians: Whether adult or young, a large number of citizens use various medicines to eliminate the disease and eliminate the growth of a germ in the human body, or to try to slow the growth of antibiotics, which are a kind of medicine and suitable antibiotics for all types of infections. elect. In addition to inflammation of the throat and inflammation of the ear, skin infection and urinary tract infections, it is necessary to choose the appropriate antibiotic for each infection, and can not kill all kinds of antibiotics, so the most important information of the newspaper "Ahl Egypt" And died of antibiotics, it affects human health estimated their importance and abuse.

Antibiotics and infections
It treats various infections such as antibiotics, acne, bronchitis, ear infection, sexually transmitted infections, skin infection and soft mellitus, conjunctivitis, sore throat infections, upper respiratory tract infection. Urethra.

Use antibiotics incorrectly
Misuse of antibiotics may adversely affect human health, which is sometimes dangerous, depending on the specific condition of each patient, sometimes depending on the elderly and those suffering from liver and kidney diseases and pregnant women.

All human drugs have several possible side effects, but antibiotics are dangerous and have less side effects when used appropriately.

Antibiotics can cause poisoning or allergy when taken in the wrong dose or overdose, and long-term use will slow down the effect as well as the possibility of killing beneficial bacteria with harmful bacteria that cause the body's imbalance.

Side effects of antibiotics
If antibiotics are used inappropriately, the doctor may be a few serious signs of serious infection that are serious for human health if not treated immediately.

– Formation of stomach ailments.
– fungal infections such as castles
– Skin rash.
– The cause of diarrhea.
– Difficult breathing and swelling of the face.
– The appearance of ulcers on the mouth or white spots on the tongue.
– The appearance of white secretions with vaginal infection and severe itching.
– Heavy water diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University Amani Al-Sharif explained the necessity of taking antibiotics under the supervision of doctors and taking doses at specified times, and even though the patient was cured, he completed the treatment period and did not double the following dose to compensate for the lack of forgetfulness for taking a dose. Even if the remaining antibody of someone else is sick and have the same symptoms.

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