Thursday , December 3 2020

Al – Badrashin from 12 hours Saturday

The Water and Sanitation Water Company in Giza has announced that it will cut water from the center of Al Badrasheen and the city from midnight to midnight on the same day due to the implementation of the renovation and renovation of the water network. Al-Badrasheen and the drinking water supplying the center and city of its villages, with the completion of the work and water pumping at night.

Abbot Ahmed Rashid, the governor of Giza, told reporters that the officials of Badrasen city, in coordination with the water and sewage company in Giza, announced the interruption periods in the affected areas and made a press statement to meet the deadlines for the completion of the works. Drinking to these areas, to respond quickly to the demands of citizens in this regard.

And the authorities of the Municipality of Giza, citizens and officials of state and private legal entities and organizations stated that their drinking water needs should be managed during the interruption period and that they should call for emergency assistance for the drinking water and sewage company.

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Source: ONA News Agency

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