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Al-Ahly guards leave official … and electricity leads to a new crisis –

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Tarık Soliman, former goalkeeping coach of Egypt El-Maksas and El-Ahli, revealed many important details in the upcoming period.

Tarık Süleyman, former manager of Al-Ahly Guards, said in his radio comments on On Sport, “I will ask Ahmed Tarık Süleyman to leave the Al-Ahly club to gain experience.

The best thing is not to transfer to a team I’m in, so I can perform without any pressure and do their best in matches.

Regarding the level of Mohamed El-Shenawy, the current Al-Ahly goalkeeper and Egyptian national team, “He lives in the best technical condition and is currently Egypt’s best goalkeeper and Mohamed El-Shhennawy has failed to score in two goals of Mars. . “

Ahmed Tarık Süleyman, the participation of the first team of the Al-Ahly club, accompanied by Muhammed Al-Shennawi, Ali Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert, is considered as one of the rising elements.

What will happen to Mahmud Kahraba’s crisis?

In the same context, Magdy Abdel-Ghani confirmed that Mahmoud Abdel Moneim electrified the El-Ahly wing and recently caused a new problem.

Magdy Abdel Ghani said on television, “The hero recently caused a new crisis for the team because of” Christmas “.One of your friends ”.

He continued, “The next day of the hero Christmas party, Maran attended for the first time after a month’s suspension with Al-Ahly, and the Hero crisis came after a friend’s birthday party was present until late. Violating the instructions of technical personnel to protect yourself from the risk of infection with the coronavirus.

Abdul-Ghani concluded on television, saying, “You should choose the time for parties and not take everything at once. You are a football player and you have obligations to fulfill.”

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Kahraba returned to Al-Ahly’s final training and there were strong attempts to prepare him to participate in the Simba Tanzania match in the sixth round of the CAF Champions League group stage.

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