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A new rise.. Gold prices in Egypt and in the world tonight, Thursday, October 14, 2021


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Gold prices continued to rise for the second day this evening due to negative economic data on Thursday, October 14, 2021. Increasing fears of inflation in the world’s largest economies and the gold price in Egypt continued. In response to the global increase, the average price of 21 carat gold, the most common, was recorded as 782 liras.

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The Egyptian Gold Branch, which varies between 894 and 896 liras for 24-carat gold and between 782 and 784 liras for 21-carat gold, announced the gold prices in jewelery shops this evening. 18-karat gold ranged from 670 to 672 pounds without workmanship, ranging from 7% to 10% depending on shop to shop, the type of caliber and the price of the gold. pounds reached 6256 to 6272 pounds.

After the announcement of many economic data that increased the fears of stagflation in the US economy, gold prices continued to rise for the second consecutive day this evening, after gold prices exceeded the limit of 1800 dollars per ounce during the day. It traded at $1798.95 an ounce for the first time on several long and gold futures contracts.

Gold prices in the financial markets continued to rise at the end of the transaction this evening and the price of 21 carat gold in the financial markets was recorded as 794.78 liras and 1,796.76 dollars an ounce at the time of writing. .

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