Saturday , November 28 2020

A member of the "Religious Parliament" called on six ministries to present anti-extremist efforts

MP Shokry El-Gendy, a member of the House of Religious Affairs and Foundations Committee of the House of Representatives, called on the ministries of education, youth, sports, higher education, culture, social solidarity and aid to report to parliament on measures taken against radical and radical ideology .

For "seventh day" the "soldier" is a common responsibility for the conflict of extremist thought, and all these actors have a significant and effective role, and the Foundation and Al-Azhar or the Dar el-Ifta or the Ministry of the Church, limited only to religious institutions. not. They endeavored to fight against the extremist ideology and extremist ideology of terrorist groups and emphasized the need for coordination between all relevant ministries and institutions.

He added that the necessary measures should be taken to protect young people who are attracted by extremist groups by embracing young people, absorbing their ideas, opening up and discussing them, and intensifying cultural, artistic and sporting activities in youth centers, cultural palaces and other cultures.

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