Sunday , December 6 2020

7 years in prison for an Htc agent demonstrating a daughter in Badrashin

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Hatek's 7-year prison sentence Al-Badrashin & # 39; s child was shown on Thursday, November 22, 2018 at dawn.

In the fifth assembly of the Criminal Court of First Instance, the defendant "Mohamed H." & # 39; yi, Badrashin & # 39; He was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for harassing a girl in Paris.

The decision was made under the presidency of Al-Badawi, Muhammad Ahmed Al-Jundi and Ali Muhhtar Ali's advisors under the secretaries of Mohamed Farid and Ayman Abdel Latif.

The shipment order revealed that the accused "Muhammad Hanafi" introduced his daughter, Basma al-Sayed, who failed to reach Bahtak in eighteen years of age. With force and threat, They put his hand in his mouth and in Mkhdha or in Mahdaha to make him suffer, and he pulled one of the nests and dolphins inside.

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