Saturday , November 28 2020

151 thousand 456 tons of grain and grain in the port of Damietta

Damietta port received three container ships and five general cargo ships on Tuesday, while 3 container ships and 4 general cargo ships remained, while the total number of ships in the port reached 15 ships in addition to 9 ships on the outside to complete the entry procedures.

The port was separated from 920 trucks with a total tonnage of 50817 tonnes, with a total of 648 tons of wheat-loaded 114 transport vehicles.

While the total number of containers was 283 TEU and 381 TEU, the number of transit containers reached 1245 TEUs, total imports of general cargo reached 16938 tons and 2899 tons. Sugar, 23,500 tons of wheat, 12615 tons of iron and 2137 tons of pipes.

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