Wednesday , December 2 2020

Zeman: The elites will leave the Castle Guards from the demonstrators next year

The rookie is creating the logarithm that will be awarded the rewards the next year, before giving the awards to the Prague Castle. President Milos Zeman wants to separate himself from the demonstrators. Today he said in Barrandov. This year, on October 28, about 30 people stopped in front of the castle and the awards gave 39 shame Bu at the award ceremony.

He also condemned a bouquet of blooming activists on Saturday (November 17th) in a bouquet he was asking at the Národní t birída monument of some politicians.

In the garbage, Zeman, Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YOA) or the head flowers of the SPD movement Tomia Okamura. Zeman said, a If there is surplus to throw the flower in the basket, it is limiting fascism. Z

According to police, activists committed flowers against property and civil union by throwing flowers. Police officers suspect a man and a woman and spend their cases in Prague 1.

Zeman said today that shouting to the participants of the night of the premiere at the 28th night Vladislav Hall was particularly hostile, and relatives of fallen soldiers in Afghanistan came to the ceremony. "And he had to fight for democracy, so next time I decided that the Castle Guards Guard would be." The guardian of the castle gives honor to those honored and their relatives, "he said.

The protesters he called the fascist mafia would be pushed elsewhere.

This year, the people who showed their awards before, "Invaded," "We Arrest You" or "Masaryk, bring the world, they are burying", Zeman, Babis or Okamur were referring to.

CSSD location? absurd

The vote of the Social Democrats on Friday's anti-government insecurity is considered absurd by President Milos Zeman. CSSD members of the government plan to quit voting during voting. Zeman called it a smart technician. It implies that there are two groups of opinion in Social Democracy and one way to bring them together.

"If the government is relying on Social Democracy, it is a bit silly, but also thinks that it should only go." Said.

The CSSD leadership called on the government of the Zachrá Michme social demokracie platform, including former vice-presidents of the Jiieí Zimola and Michal Hašek party. The party successfully implements the program on the left by the platform. Leaders and lawmakers should not be "dragged" into an irresponsible initiative to trigger a government crisis. He said that CSSD & apos; s participation in government endorsed the entire party referendum.

Zeman said about the referendum today: "If the CSSD decided to join the government in the referendum, no one should decide on the will of the membership base," he said. He hopes that the "mentally normal people" in the Chamber of Deputies will be valid on Friday and will not go beyond a mistrust proposal.

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