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Where to go on Wednesday, November 14, World Diabetes Day?

It is not important whether you are type 1, type 2 diabetic or diabetic for your loved ones. World Diabetes Day is for everyone with diabetes. Also participates regularly …

Where to go on Wednesday, November 14, World Diabetes Day?

The sign of World Diabetes Day has become a blue environment. Insulin, a symbol of diabetes, caused by yin and yang symbols, is a global sugar beet symbol to show the balance of movement and diets. It is also a symbol of the unity of the diabetic population in the world.

It is not important whether you are type 1, type 2 diabetic or diabetic for your loved ones. World Diabetes Day is for everyone with diabetes. Experts who wish to promote community awareness and support the prevention of type 2 diabetes are also regularly involved in this lifelong disease.
We have been commemorating Earth Day, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Diabetes Federation since 1991. Do not go home, find the nearest action to your house and join. Get new information, get support, speak a few words with other diabetics and support community diabetes. Often, only the finding that diabetes is not a human being is rich enough.

Prague, Karlovo, námovostí

Wednesday 14 November, 13:00 March 14 March March in Prague against the disease in Charles Square, which in turn, reminds us that even every year we can effectively fight against diabetes. In We believe the walk is a great way to celebrate World Diabetes Day and we want to encourage as many people as possible to take the first steps to prevent Type 2 diabetes. Join us and express your attitude towards diabetes and your own health, "organizers are calling. A gift package is prepared for each starter participant who has already registered at
The enclosed program will be held in Karlovo nám tanımakstí until 10 pm from the 10th of this year, under the motto "Recognize those symptoms of diabetes". “Reduce your risks.“ Actor Pavel K aktöríž, an actor with type 2 diabetes, proves that even living with diabetes can live a full life. to everyone: I want to say: ir If we are accountable to our disease, we have no restrictions. He just wants strong will, motivation and moral support for the people we care about. üzere


Thursday, November 15 at 14:00 Against diabetes, Mart will pass through Tábor. The meeting is in front of the Dia office in Persian Street. The route will take you to an intense section of Tábor, which extends up to the old part of the town. Anna Slunečková wrote to us, ü Walk is a tribute to the inventor of insulin, Mr. Banting, but he also said that the Diabetes Association in Tábor has been around for a long time and has invited other candidates. "The priority of our association is the movement – walking, swimming, etc. Dir. Diabetes is a painless disease, but it has terrible consequences."


In addition, the subsidiary of the Strakonic Diabetics Association will participate in World Diabetes Day this year. "We have a planned anti-diabetic walk. Wednesday 14 November, 13:00. The meeting will be held at the market place near the church church. Margaret. On site, the Home Care Company and the Czech Red Cross Strakonice representatives will measure glycemia and blood pressure, "said organizer Marcela Štveráková.

Hospital Jilemnice

Jilemnice Hospital will participate in World Diabetes Day with the motto "Recognizing the symptoms of diabetes". Early diagnosis saves lives. "And the candidates will be diagnosed Wednesday November 14 to deal with. If you want glycemia, possibly hemoglobin, BMI, blood pressure or pulse glucose, come 07:30 – 16:30 A nephrology clinic at the Yilemnice hospital (Entrance to the Castle Nursery). You don't have to be fast. You will enjoy MD. Petra Vrbová.

Brno, OC Olympia

The students of Masaryk University School of Medicine traditionally held a World Diabetes Day event under the auspices of IFMSA, a non-profit organization. This year Olympia is held in the shopping center of Brno 10 November Saturday and 11 November Sunday. During these two days, visitors can measure the percentage of glycemia, blood pressure and body fat for free. Then, the results can be applied with educated volunteer students. Future physiotherapists and nutrition therapists will explain how to improve their physical condition and how to combine a balanced diet. Dental students will teach people how to look at their teeth properly. The field will also be a first aid site and self-testing of the breast and testis. The smallest visitors will try to learn how to treat a plush friend in a fun way. This year's exhibition bu Foot Loss il (#disclosure) will be held in order to draw attention to the diabetic foot syndrome and to force visitors to think about how to prevent this problem and thus not lose the leg.


Walking against diabetes
time: November 14
Organized by the Sedlčany Association


Health Day
time: 24 November, 10:00 – 17:00
Where: Slovani Pool
Organized: Plzeen Diabetic Center and Diabetes Pilsen Association

Hradec Králové

time: 13 November 11:00 to 19:00
Where: OC Aupark
Organizer: IFMSA


time: 14 November – 08:00 – 16:30
Where: MephaCentrum
Organizer: IFMSA


time: 15 November, 10:00 – 20:00
Where: Harp Gallery
Organizer: IFMSA


time: November 14
Where: Gallery Šantovka between 14-18: 00, between 17:00 – 18:00 Flora Exhibition Center
Organizer: IFMSA

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Why November 14?

Let's go back a little in time and remember how much work, human effort and effort are behind the discovery of insulin. Today, a few thousand diabetes patients worldwide work and can lead a full life.

As in the case, victory and groundbreaking discoveries do not fall into the lap of people. Otherwise, the discovery of insulin Frederick Banting didn't do it. In the 1920s, Frederick Banting did a medical practice in Ontario. He also taught internal medicine at the local university. In the meantime, he came to an article about diabetes and the islets of Langerhans' pancreas. Considering that he prepared his doctoral thesis at the same time, he thought he would try to isolate insulin and use it to cure a disease that causes excessive glucose in the blood sugar.

First insulin came from the dog

In 1921, Frederick Banting presented his idea at the University of Toronto, and after much effort, he was able to get a laboratory and an assistant for a planned research. Banting conducted experiments with his assistant Charles Besh on dogs. The first insulin was obtained by binding the pins of the pancreas to the dog. This operation caused the digestive enzymes to accumulate in the pancreas and was destroyed after a few weeks. Only insulin-producing cells remained. Hormone injected Banting into a vein for diabetes patients. Blood glucose levels did not increase after administration of insulin. Frederick Banting, along with Charles Best, discovered a treatment for diabetes.
In 1923, Frederick Banting won the Nobel Prize for Insulin Discovery, for it was a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes. He became the youngest holder of the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine. World Diabetes Day is on November 14th, the birthday of this Canadian doctor.

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