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What happens if you eat one a day?


If you have to eat any fruit a day, it’s just an apple. protects heart and blood vesselsIt testifies to the intestinal microflora and therefore immunity, fights cancer, also rejuvenates you and benefits the bedroom frenzy. What is hidden in an ordinary apple?

Fiber removes bad cholesterol

It’s not just a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that makes fruits and vegetables healthy foods, but also fiber content. Fiber is of undeniable importance in the diet, its adequate intake contributes to maintaining a healthy gut, but also helps protect against civilizational diseases – heart disease, high cholesterol or obesity,” says Cambridge Weight Plan nutritionist Ivana Kabelková.

The fruit is primarily a source of soluble fiber, with apples among the highest in content. Soluble fiber has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. cholesterol level. “Because it swells in liquid, it is considered one of the key elements in preventing obesity,” says the nutritionist. Just two apples will give you about a quarter of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, which is 30 grams.

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The ancient Romans considered the apple the fruit of immortality.

Pectin promotes detoxification

Soluble types of fiber include, for example, pectin. It is found in the skin, so it is important to eat apples with it. In addition to regulating sugars and cholesterol, pectin helps toxins escape from the body and binds heavy metals such as lead or mercury. It inhibits the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, helps metabolize fats better, and helps prevent serious diseases such as diabetes or diabetes. Colon cancer.

Polyphenols will freshen your breath

The skin also contains many of the polyphenols, substances that help prevent cancer and dementia. They increase the patency of blood vessels, regulate blood sugar levels, lower the level of “bad” cholesterol, strengthen bones. “Polyphenols also help slow and fight the growth of bacteria in the mouth. bad breath,” reveals MDDr. Ondřej Šrámek, head of the Hradčanská Dental Clinic. In addition, the fibrous structure of the apple massages the gums well and removes surface dirt, including dangerous plaque.

You won’t burn thanks to floridzin

Among the polyphenols, it is worth mentioning floridzin. It stimulates the synthesis of melanin in the skin and thus helps to protect the skin. dangerous UV radiation. But it can also have a positive effect on your sex life. It can mimic the functions of the female hormone estradiol in the body, thereby improving the hydration of the vagina and blood circulation, which is necessary for sexual experience and reaching orgasm.

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Properly stored winter apple varieties will last until spring

Antioxidants rejuvenate

Apples are also full of antioxidants. These are essential substances to strengthen the immune system. They also bind free radicals, which are associated with the development of cancer, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, as well as premature aging of cells and skin.

Flavonoids protect the heart

Consumption of flavonoids helps protect against cancer, asthma I circulatory system diseases. High doses are especially suitable if you smoke or drink more alcohol.

Quercetin cleans the lungs

The flavonoid is quercetin (quercetin), which helps cleanse and strengthen the lungs. It will be especially appreciated by people living in dusty and dirty environments, but it will also relieve acute respiratory problems such as colds. It helps to breathe more easily, accelerates the disappearance of symptoms and supports natural defenses.

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