Monday , January 25 2021

Vydra told him about the candidacy. Are you kidding me? he didn't believe the first Pudil

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"When I saw his name, even where my name was replaced, I laughed a bit. And then, on Monday morning, Mat 39j called Vydra and told me I was in the Nation. amusedly.

Two years later he returned to the office, most recently in November 2016 against Denmark. He was still kicking on the left side of the defense.

Slovakia tickets still on sale

Tickets for the Czech Republic – Slovakia match (19. 11. Eden, Prague, 20.45) are still sold. Football fans can buy online in four price categories: 390 crowns, 690 crowns, 990 crowns and 1190 crowns.

Gradually English became a stopper on Wednesday's second league Sheffield Wednesday and his team currently have four. That is why the coach was astonished that Jaroslav Svilhavi had shown himself, Pudil did not consider himself very much for the national team. He felt the "age of representation" had come to an end.

"I had it in my head," he admitted. "But I didn't make any comments about the result, I'm not doing them. Also, a candidate can always come."

This is exactly what happened, and Pudil suddenly found a meeting at Don Giovanni Hotel in Prague. "The men commented on this: the return of a lost son," he laughed.

He changed his original plans: he called the airport to park in England because he would return to the islands on a Tuesday evening after visiting his family. He had to quickly search for football because he had no one.

"I still expect some to be a place to play," he smiled. However, he added that he did not trust it.

"I don't care what position I'm in here. I'm sure it won't play against the main team in Slovakia (probably in a competition), I'm happy with that. There's a better chance for one minute against Poland. "I don't want him to sound like I don't want to. But I can't impress him and I'm especially glad to be back," Pudil said, with a distinct scar on his face.

This is the result of a QPR injury shaking Angel Rangel's eyebrows with a kick.

"They made six or seven stitches. There's a centimeter next to the eye, it could be a lot worse if you hit a little more. But I didn't like him, he didn't want to hurt me. He just wanted to kick the ball and hit me. .

Talking about his avoidance of career injury, he filled his superstition with his teeth. "Unfortunately, there are two in four weeks." Along with six of them, he had a broken nose, fortunately, against the duel of the national team.

"I have always been a great honor to represent me. I've been here for 11 years, and I've seen great players. I'm always glad to be here. Nothing changes. But as I said, I'm 33 years old and I haven't even mentioned it, but it's time for the young came, "added the oldest footballer of the current election.

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