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VIDEO: Vorek scored one goal in the dark. Zacha got hockey from his farm in New Jersey


new York Tonight, Jakub Vorek scored in the first NHL 's title, thrown to Philadelphia 1: 2 and thrown into the rhythm of the moment. In New Jersey, Pavel Zacha defeated Pittsburgh 4: 2 in the second round and called the club into the main darkness.

Vorek looked at the seasons sharply while dreaming of tattooing

NHL results

Buffalo – Tampa Bay 2-1, New York – Pittsburgh 4: 2, NY Islands – Vancouver 5: 2, Philadelphia – Florida 1: 2, Minnesota – Washington 2: 1, San Jose – Nashville 5: 4 and Los Angeles – Toronto 1: 5.

antithesis He could have played in the next round, but this time led to a look at Robert Luong's 16-star stare and Florida.

Well, it's a little underrated. The first two teas didn't play our game, we were together and in the boobs. We left them, but it's late, said Philadelphia Captain Claude Giroux. Vborn shone their blue hearts, we came to them. Vorek said the first tattoo was hip, but we were skating on the skate and we put them both.

San Jose beat Nashville dramatically, scoring 0: 3, but returned. The host was the fatal 54th minute when sharks were leaning sideways in seconds. Joe Thorton gave him a chance. The jubilee was also held by Hertl, who also helped the second home and rounded hundreds of seedlings in the NHL.

Vrna's assistant supported Washington 5: 2 on Minnesota Ice. The magic of Stanley's misfortune was written by Tom Wilson, who shot the penalty for a foul.

For New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Pavel Zacha stepped in, the club returned to the main darkness. Zacha bought the season in NHL, but when she didn't arrive in ten inches, she went to the farm to gain self-confidence. This is what Eskho tonka played in the elite formation, and he wrote pihrvek on those transitions. And when New Jersey was injured by Nico Hischier and Brian Boyle, Devils Zachu was thrown.

Sestih utkn Philadelphia – Florida:

Krsn listened to me when he called me back. Üz I'm sorry, dedi Zacha said. I think I can improve the flow and be productive. They want me to feel conscious, so they give me space and space (in Binghamton). I've always been weakened by my penguins. Ctm, I retaliated myself. C

The farmer was taken over by the farmer and was running there, Zachu was training John Hynes of New Jersey. They left him in the ice for the time being and all the gambling weaknesses. Good luck, so we've sent him there.

Zacha went again, but scored two positive points in +/- statistics. The main defender of Devils was Taylor Hall, who scored two goals and scored two points. NHL & # 39; ll be the last season of the Canadian tone, 49-minute referee went ahead 2 – 2 lead.

Coach Willie Desjardins returned to Los Angeles for the first time, but sicci tikrt failed. At worst, Toronto lost to Toronto 1: 5.

Tom Khnhackl deserves two feeds to win New York Islanders 5: 2 through Vancouver. The first goal was swearing. Tonk Islanders fell into a soup on the ice, but on a foul on the walls, but the action didhrl and sharp stuck by Glum Jacob Markstrma. Leo (Komarov) came to me first and screaming at me. It took me about ten seconds, didn't take me, said Khnhackl.

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