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VIDEO: Let Babiš resign. "Demonstrated against the Prime Minister in the Czech Republic |


PRAGUE The Czech Republic was the first of two major demonstrations against the current incidents of criminal prosecution of Prime Minister Andrei Babis. Her son 's report in connection with filing in particular the TV accused the Cape Hat Nest. The performance took place in Prague at seven o'clock on Wenceslas Square and thousands of people attended. Other protests will take place on Saturday, November 17. Protests are also called via Brno over the internet.

Thursday morning, at seven in the evening, unsatisfied citizens went out for the first time. Due to the expected high turnout, a demonstration called "We Want the Prime Minister to be Removed" was moved from Malostran Square to Wenceslas Square.

"We had to move the show to Wenceslas Square because of the number of participants and communication with the city," said Michal Vožda of the AUVA group.

Opletal's street was densely populated in the first hour, protesters stopped in a significant part of the upper half of the square. One of the show organizers said the AUVA group, the YO and CSSD government, planned another protest in Malostranske namesti on the day of distrust.

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Speakers from the scene at Wenceslas Square are calling for a demonstration against Babis. The current case, though he is a prime minister who has shamelessly blackmailed himself easily abroad, refuses to take political responsibility.

The grisly phrase is & # 39;

The demonstrators in Wenceslas Square.
Thousands of people are calling for the death of the government.

. Andrei Babiš was a bad expression of the junior, and the abduction of Andrei Babiše Jr in the Crimea was an impotent expression of our son's prime minister.;

The organizing team said another reason for a big protest on the streets. "Are we a civilized country? Are we still a rule? Where do we have to go? Why does the police miss the EU ml?" (Andrei Babiše – red note.) postponed that there was no criminal act? Who's watching the guards? Will we still have to tolerate the EU? Where is he ready to go? For what price? And why? What are the other three kids she thinks she sees when she sees this? Do they know you can be with them? "

People held a photograph of the doctor Dita Protopopová, who used the words "I don't want Russia", "Andrej = Krim" or "Let your children calm down", evoking the election screen of the YO movement. Czech Republic and European Union flags appeared, some of the demonstrators whistled. At the beginning of the protesters loud "Demyra!" He called. Then "I don't care!" Or "We've got enough!" It seemed. "We are very angry because we met. In our country we give the impression that the situation in the political sphere is not a must," AUVA co-founder Veronika Ševčíková said shortly before the show.

Action 17 November

According to CTK's estimate, the demonstration was attended by up to 5,000 people. "Just Resign!" In the improvisational stage with the inscription, for example, 09 deputy Miroslav Kalousek participated in the demonstration. "The story of the Prime Minister reminded me of the cheap gangster. Unfortunately, this is not a film, but a depleted reality like cancer. It is no less than the principles of the rule of law."

Marian Jurečka (KDU-verSL) said, dü Thank you for not giving you what is going on in the Czech Republic and how Andrej Babis gave the whole nation an example of how he denied fair trial and justice in the Czech Republic. Mar . Senator Vaclav Hampl (KDU-CSL), today, the upper house, considering the new suspicions, the Prime Minister's case for fraud, the case of the Nestepi Nest case to conduct an investigation into the government is unacceptable to remain reminded.

Politicians Ji ileí Pospíšil (TOP 09) and Miroslava Námcová (ODS), as well as disputes with Agrofert, formerly Babiš, and Agrofert, who are currently managed by Mikuláš Miná Mir for a short period of time from the Milia Association and have confidence between them. Bohemiir Rada Democracy or Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer heard the version of the Czech national anthem. The other music program of Ziggy Horváth was also discussed.

Also Saturday, a protest action will take place to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the communist regime. And now two. One will be under the guise of Milion for a moment of democracy, which already has a series of shows in his imaginary account. "Demian is!" The current event, called Facebook, says: "Events have gone too far. We want the prosecutor who has been prosecuted to resign!"

The protest march through Prague will begin at 3:30 on Hradčanské Square on Saturday (November 17th). From here, as taught by the organizers, tens of thousands of people will go to the Old Town Square on the Old Town Square, where the "Moving Show" will start at 16:00. "We want to live in a good country, not in Palermo. We want a good Czech Republic. And we want to resign! Come to show your point.

Another protest is scheduled for November 17th. This time in the National Class. In Narodni trida, we don't want an action called StB! (peaceful protest) "at eight o'clock in the morning, according to the plans in the National Classroom in Prague.

The annotation says: "Unfortunately, two years ago, on November 17, two years ago, he succeeded in defeating the Bureš National Class with his presence, so this year we will do a peaceful reunification in the form of a chain of life, so that immoral collaborators of the totalitarian regime will never be so They didn't dream of trying to repeat anything.

The protest is jointly organized by several associations. So: The Presidents of the Czech Republic, We are illegal for the position of the Communists (we really), Young Democrats, Against Hate speech, We will do together, We will do together – Zlín Region, Kaputin – Democrat, Durin, Czech Republic Rebels, WHY? PROTO, Politics and Conscience, Invitation to Good Willers, Open Doors, 5 Risk Factors EU – Worse, Manipuláto and Ziggy Horváth – came to a dog.

Brno protest

Protests will also experience other places alongside the metropolis in the Czech Republic. For example, on Saturday, there is a previously announced event in Brno at Malinovské nám Brností. The Union of Millions, in two and a half minutes, will start a moment of democracy in collaboration with the Brno organization. . Davet The End of the Human Man – Brno; Demonstration invites the participants as “the prosecution agent of StB".

"It is not right to lead a criminal prosecution subject to more unsolved cases. We are suspected of embezzlement of tens of millions of people, misrepresentation of investigations, false feeds to the health of our children. This is a short symbolic event in Brno, which is a very symbolic event on Saturday, so choose one afternoon of the event., Seventh November – Exhibitions and Debates # The location of the meeting will be specified.

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