Friday , August 19 2022

Vettel called for brokers (updated)


In order to soften the super-soft tires, the German rider headed for the car in changing conditions during the second part of the qualification. In a tougher mix, he wanted to advance Kimi Räikkönen in the final round and gain an advantage in the first part of the race.

But at the entrance of the box lane, it was directed by the commissioners to check-out. Before that, the cone Vettel pushed out of the front wing signaled to hurry to clean it, then. The engine was running and with a gradual shift, the FIA ​​representative stood directly in front of the vehicle while trying to accelerate this action.

FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer According to Autosport, the situation was gathered by Vettel "refused to shut down the engine" and the car running on the scales with motor pushed, which "complex to provide a stable result". Vettel continued to discourage his dissatisfaction with another FIA employee. The Ferrari pilot came out of the scales by helping himself. "Ruined".

"As the driver does not comply with the instructions and continues to halt the execution of the weighing procedure, I inform the Commission to consider this matter" said Bauer. Sebastian Vettel was then called on the rug before the race committee because it was claimed that the sport rules (item number 29.1.a.i.i.i) required to stop the engine during the weighing, and 12.1.1.i (the instructions of the relevant authorities were not followed for the safe and orderly conduct of the action).


Everything is so tight in the last minutes of qualification | Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

Following a qualification that Vettele's tires were successful until the start of the race, and finally qualifying behind Lewis Hamilton, the Ferrari driver didn't mean much about the above event.

"I guess it's better not to say anything!" said Sebastian Vettel. "When the conditions change, they should not call us, I think it is unfair to call someone, I wanted to speed them up."

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