Thursday , August 11 2022

Toyota unveils the new MPV Rumion, but a rebranded Suzuki for Africa


The collaboration between Toyota and Suzuki brings other consequences, but the rebranded Suzuki Ertiga probably won’t look to Europe.

In the Czech Republic, the cooperation between Toyota and Suzuki is evident mainly thanks to the Suzuki Swace and Across models, which rebrand Toyota models with a different range of equipment, while abroad there are also Suzuki models bearing the Toyota logo. One of them is the new Toyota Rumion MPV.

The newly introduced three-row MPV designed for South Africa is a rebranded Suzuki Ertiga model that the automaker introduced in the Indonesian market in 2018. The differences are indeed very minimalist.

Toyota distinguishes itself from its sibling with a new radiator grille, new 15-inch alloy wheels and, of course, the letter S in its emblem, using different markings. But the interior is entirely from Suzuki, which goes for the touchscreen infotainment as well.

The Toyota Rumion is a surprisingly compact car with three rows of seats in the MPV. The vehicle, which has a length of only 4395 mm, a width of 1735 mm and a height of 1690 mm, has a wheelbase of 2740 mm. Interestingly, the basis of the car is the extended chassis of the Suzuki Swift model.

Given the dimensions, it is not surprising that in the seven-seater configuration the luggage compartment offers a volume of only 153 liters, but after folding the third row, the volume increases to 550 liters, and after folding the rear row, it is 803 liters. While these aren’t bright numbers, the Rumion still offers the crew at least enough room, and there are even drink holders in the rear row.

Under the hood is the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine producing 77 kW (105 hp) with a maximum torque of 138 Nm, which can be combined with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. Technology does not affect too much, for example, safety equipment. For example, Rumion only has ABS and two airbags.

But the combination of compact dimensions and simple technology helps keep the price really low. Toyota Rumion thus starts at 245,600 ZAR (South African Rand), which is approximately 361,500 CZK. In this case, the top version of the machine starts at 317,200 ZAR, ie around 466,800 CZK.

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