Friday , August 19 2022

Today, hundreds of places will open up Santomartin wines


In Prague Martin's holidays are scheduled at Ji atího z Pod #brad Square, where Martin is on 13:00 with a white horse and the Rašín set. Martin is on the Svornosti square in Krumlov. The wine of Martin will be opened, the Tíebíč festivities will be completed with Karlovo námístí concerts. The Martin festival began on Thursday in Mikulov.

Brno's main brunch will bless Petrova at 10.30 am, and then Martin Sláma will act as the actor of St. Martin. A parade led by Martin will be released at Freedom Square. Wine producers They're opening the first bottle of Martin 11. People at the booths will be able to taste 100 different wines from hundreds of producers.

Most St. Martin wines are traditionally white, 174 species, while the most abundant varieties are Müller Thurgau. Pink and Burgundy will offer 114 varieties and 99 red wine.

Svatomartinská's trademark was registered in 1995 and has been the Wine Fund since 2005. This year, this year for the 14th time, the promotion of these wines held under a uniform logo.

St. Martin Day was part of the business year from the 15th century. Farmers did the family a favor or made new agreements with them, just like a sheepdog. Chasa was closed and celebrations were celebrated. St. Martin's day was always related to the time of rich feast and hot joy. In many places pilgrims have been organized.

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