Sunday , November 29 2020

Tiyatro What's left for us? This is not enough for me! Akl National Theater Emil Hakl – içinT24 – Visited Czech Television

"But what do you know? Sometimes I have the desire to stop, stop and brake all of them. What do you know! I'm the age my friends die. What's left for us? Staying here is enough for me. It's just around the corner. Don't slip, hurry! Slip! Do you know what I mean? Do you feel like this?

One of the most famous contemporary Czech playwrights, Emil Hakl's first theater play, brings together four former comrades of a party who discuss long-standing and irreversible personal and historical issues: the collapse of humanity, the policy of world powers, or Czech The cunning of the elite.

Cut to the world

Their speaker's leitmotivi is an asteroid that falls into the world during the evening. The fragile position of the planet coincides with the equally threatened and fragile body of human life, and there is death in the body of one of these men.

"Four fifties, what can they say? Everything is possible. They're not total wreckage, but life may have gone wrong, and now they're learning.

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