Thursday , December 3 2020

The minimum wage would rise to 13.350 currency, the government decided. Schiller has a problem –

Malacova wants the minimum wage in 2021 to reach 16,000 after the current Cabinet's term of office expires. Andrej Babiš (ANO) spoke at the time horizon of the 15.200 kuron over the weekend.

Entrepreneurs do not accept the minimum wage increase, but trade unions support it.

With a minimum wage, a guaranteed wage is raised, which represents the worker's lowest earnings based on the skill and complexity of the work. The previous CZK will be 13,350 to 26,700 CZK instead of 12,200 to 24,400.

The minimum wage is approximately four per cent of the workforce or approximately 150,000 people. The last time in January, 1200 kroner has grown to 12,200 crowns. "The increase in the minimum wage is not only 150,000 people, but because it puts pressure on the wage increase for all workers," Malacova said.

Reservations are not made by employers, but also by municipalities or educational institutions.

Employers do not agree on raising the minimum wage. He thinks he needs to add all guaranteed salary levels to them. They're complaining about high spending. Additional orders to be placed next year will allow the company to run $ 3.2 billion based on government documents, and an employee with minimum earnings will have 18.42% more crowns per year.

From the budget, growth needs to require about 714 million extra. With this, 366 million states would be provided by approximately 278.7 million municipalities and 68.8 million insurance companies. The state could choose 920 million more for social insurance and 390 million more for health insurance.

The Union of Cities and Municipalities and the Ministry of Education oppose the growth of the minimum wage. They demand more money from the state than the salary budget.

Average wage increases by 6.5 percent

While the minimum wage has increased by 9.4 percent since January, the average wage should be increased by 6.5 percent next year by the Labor Ministry. Studies in the document in the document documented that the lowest earnings should be motivated to work and protect against poverty, so it should be adequate. The ministry said employees should not be dependent on social benefits for the minimum award. According to statistics, the minimum wage is far below income poverty.

The average minimum hourly wage will rise from January to 73.20 from 79.80. The guaranteed wage brought by the Labor Law in 2007 is paid to eight classes. The minimum minimum wage is at least twice as high. Gains in an hour should be based on the skill and complexity of the activity performed from 79.80 crown to 159.60 kuros instead of existing 73.20 to 146.40 crowns.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the minimum wage was 37.3 percent of the average wage last year. This could be 38.2 percent this year. The Sobotka government predicted that in the last parliamentary period, the minimum wage would reach 40 percent of the average earnings. Malačová now suggests that in changing the Labor Law, the minimum wage should be in January of each semester of the average wage. According to the former proposal of the former president of Jaroslava N ayarlanmcová (ANO), the minimum wage should be set to 0.44 times the average wage.

The minimum wage plays a role in some tax issues and taxes. Parents can apply to the kindergarten according to the expenses made up to the minimum wage. The lowest earnings include health insurance for those who do not have taxable income.

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