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The imam bosses of Prague behind the bars of the police, in the viewfinder, Shehadeh


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"The provocateurs accuse us of being terrorists, but who invades their land and enters into privacy? Samer Shehadeh, a former imam, has warned, along with his brother and his wife, against a video at the end of January, accusing the anti-terror police.

Although kept in front of the law, MF DNES communicated and sent from Jordan, and the video became the final image of what was open to the public. He then canceled, canceled and transferred all of his previous sites to his lawyers in the Czech Republic. And his work in Prague is now dealing with the police.

Who's the Imam?

  • From Arabic, the word imam can be translated as aya the man in front ”or“ pioneering prayer Arap.
  • Used as a religious title, the name of spiritual authority.
  • The Imam becomes a man who is regarded by his comrades as the most educated, the most notorious.

In particular, Alminbar Ltd. is the owner and co-owner until the end of February. He then transferred his share and the second wife to Ramazan Muzaev. Both are a believer in Prague's lawyer Leonid Kushnarenko, who is also represented in many shops of Prague Muslims. "Mr. Shehadeh remained official in the company. We wanted to transform him before, but we didn't have time. I took over the shares for free," lawyer Kushnarenko said on Friday.

Shehadeh, according to the power of attorney presented to MF DNES in the Registration Court, authorized him to work with the company that was in the middle of last year. So before you go abroad.

Kushnarenko currently controls 67 per cent of the company, and Miroslav Krakovic remains the third. This is the transformation in 2014, where he was elected vice-president of the Muslim community in Prague. One of the high-security police sources, MF DNES, said, "Alminbar has hired a place of worship on Opletalova Street in Prague and provided them with a Muslim community."

Police officers check possible frauds of other frauds

In particular, the police will be interested in a trade-off that this trade should not hide another flow of money. The rental of the mosque through the Shehadeh company was approved by Muneeb Alrawi, the president of Muslim communities in the Czech Republic, and lawyer Kushnarenko spoke about the company's rental agreement, saying the company had only one relationship.

Di At that time, this lease was his own initiative when he used his position. We agreed to this, and we wanted to formally negotiate the rent directly, that is between the host and the Muslim community, and that was the first reason for our contradictions, dik said MF DNES Alrawi.

Samer Shehadeh, son of Palestinian parents

The police abroad found the former Imam of Prague. What will be transported to the Czech Republic

Pastor Samer Shehadeh, lastly four years ago, abandoned the Prague mosque. The leadership of the Muslim community criticized the controversial statements, making it a bad business card for all Muslims. But he was going to Slovakia since 2015, where he preached in Bratislava and worked as a preacher there. . Then he took a modest move, condemned terrorism, and assassinated that assassinations had nothing to do with faith, geç one Muslim said.

Shehadeh was hiding in front of the police, according to MF DNES, first in Mauritania, then in the Czech Republic, where Czech detectives were followed and returned to the Czech Republic. "There are family ties and studies of Shehadeh in Jordan. They were originally told to go to Mauritania, but Jordan made more sense," says the source of MF DNES from the Muslim community.

Shehadeh was born to Palestinians thirty-four years ago in the Czech Republic and spent most of his life in Prague. He studied Islamic Law in Jordan and later in Saudi Arabia at the University of Medina. In neighboring Syria, his brother Omar and his wife, Fatima, made a Czech return named Kristyna.

Imam friends, brothers in battle

All three became interested in Czech secret services and accused them of supporting terrorism. Soul Shehadeh, because the couple, his twenty-seven-year-old brother helped organize a trip to Syria in October 2016 and volunteered to join the terrorist organization Džabhat Fatah Aish-Damascus in the city of Idlib, the successor organization of the Terrorist Front. Translated the Border of Syria Conquest. The original al Qaeda sister organization.

"With training, weapons, bombs and martial tactics have successfully completed a few weeks of training and then" brothers "were selected for training and training to combat and combat terrorist attacks," police officers from the National Headquarters charged with crimes in MF DNES.

The 24-year-old wife, married to Omar, married Fatima's Sharia Law and left with her. "They call him a jihadist in Jihad, where he has a history that fights a warrior's background, cooking, washing and fighting alongside a gun."

Since August 2016, police officers from Shehadeha have observed that, through Whatsapp, they warned Muslims not to participate in Christian worship at the church. Orum I point out to all Muslims and Muslims that such an act restrains from the faith, because the Christian worship includes the so-called great wisdom, which is always the greatest association. If anyone believes in Allah and Judgment Day, he cannot participate in this event.

The police then Fatima & # 39; s brother Omar & # 39; in Syria & # 39; to take that helped and Turkey & # 39; when in the Czech Republic & # 39; returned, after giving the bus ticket has recommended to pass the Turkish-Turkish border.

After starting a police investigation a year ago, Shehadeha decided on the Muslim Communities in the Czech Republic and the Islamic Foundation in Prague. He even claimed that he was not officially an official Prague Imam and that he had built himself in this role. The Muslims said in a statement that "the Islamic Foundation in Prague, after publishing information on the media about Samer Shehadeh, was never the employee of a trustee or foundation."

Signal to Muslim Community

Bronislav Ost aşanský, Arabist of the Oriental Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, says that the arrest of Shehadeh is a clear sign that the Muslim community does not tolerate any manifestation of extremism or extremism by the Czech state. "Shehadeh represented the unacceptable face of Islam, a comment that was not very compatible with our way of life. A hawk was too big, on the other hand, there was a saying that Muslims were not even imams, I don't understand. There were a number of incidents in which the representative was declared, "commented MF DNES Ost ilananský.

Shehadeha will now be questioned by police officers against the Organized Crime from the National Center. For the moment, they do not want to say anything about his arrest and the transfer to the Czech Republic, the only person who can comment on the case, the Prague High Public Prosecutor's Office. But that's not much yet.

"At the moment, we cannot publish more information about the three Czech citizens who have opened for the promotion of terrorism, the promotion and promotion of terrorism, and the financing of terrorism. When the conditions allow, private information will be published," said Marek Bodlák, Principal Economic and Financial Crimes Unit Head of the Chief Prosecutor. .

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