Thursday , December 3 2020

The famous actor spoke: The country leadership commemorates totalitarianism. Zeman and Babis …

. I have a show on my nose. If I hadn't played, I was dealing with the present, gösteri says singer and actor David Kraus' mother and theater director Adam Kraus.

In the context of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, Kraus also reminded the vital role of the actors during the coup. It's different today. . I think the current political situation is dramatic for everyone and for the actors.

And the final demonstration at Wenceslas Square against Andrei's father's government and president Milos Zeman could not attend because of the job itself, and the situation itself was disturbed. "I came home when it was done. I was glad to have the crowd on Wenceslas Square. Unfortunately, unfortunately, it didn't work on fertile land," Kraus said.

"We will see what is crystallized from us. I wish that the president and all of the President had established the whole situation of Andrey Babiše and were completely bullet-proof," he wrote.

They also appreciated the youth's efforts to be active and to be interested in politics, and think that such an approach is important. Nevertheless, he admitted that he admitted that the present situation was not merely joyful. "It's sad to have the situation back. Politics and country leadership remind me of totalitarianism. When people want to emerge, they start to be careful," he said.

Then he went back to the shows. "There are many police officers smiling, but they don't change the situation. There's freedom of speech, but people are more careful than they can be."

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