Thursday , August 18 2022

The best photos of conquering the universe: This is how billionaires compete for footprints in the sky


Billionaire Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic have spent nine days fighting for a manned spaceflight as Amazon founder and Blue Origin company Jeff Bezos fought. The two billionaires were told that they were not competing with each other, but the short gap between the two years is showing.

Bezos’ company Blue Origin also competed openly, stating that although Branson’s Virgin Galactic has entered space by NASA’s definition (ascending to 86 kilometers and Earth), it has not crossed the internationally recognized 100 kilometer Kármán border and will not in the future. The debate over who really is first in the universe Bezos’ New Shepard rocket flew to an altitude of 107 kilometers and to Earth.

Richard Branson’s face reflects supreme happiness.

Blue Origin is also the first company to launch a commercial tourist into space – 18-year-old Dutchman Oliver Daemen, whose ticket was donated by his father Joes Daeme, founder of the investment group Somerset Capital Partners, and auctioned off for $28 million (approximately SEK 600 million).

The richest man on the planet and Tesla boss Elon Musk also plays an important role in the fight for the largest private footprint in the sky. SpaceX is already carrying astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and is planning commercial flights for “Earthmen”.

Branson’s Virgin Galactic wants to start transporting humans to space by early 2022. Allegedly, the ticket was booked by 600 people willing to pay around $250,000 (more than five million kronor) for the ticket.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery that prove the struggle of the billionaires. (To make it easier to browse the galleries, click on the last photo showing the number of other images in the preview, ed. Note).

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