Thursday , December 3 2020

Statistics will receive data directly from the prices –

Traders have statistics to send data by chain size once or twice a month about their sales volumes and sales. CZSO data can be used to determine the prices of goods and their development. At first, you often want to use various discount activities to track the changing food prices.

Next year, the data will begin to offer the first major food supply chain, for example with the CSO, Ahold (Albert stores) or a COOP network mainly in the rural area. In the coming years, these data should provide the largest 20 retail chains based on revenue and market share. Will go for deals with turnover of several billion kronor per year. The system can also be extended to pharmacies, pharmacies or hobby markets.

Data wants to be good

. We didn't interfere with the great resistance of big ropes, Six said Sixta. According to him, the purpose of the office is to agree to provide voluntary data. However, according to the EU Directive and the Czech regulation, the chains have to give these data on demand. A one-off breach threatens the sanction of 100 thousand crowns according to the vice president, but if he refuses to give the data, the potential damage to the good name of the chain is the most important factor.

The price data have not yet been received by the interviewers in the chain reports or direct selling points. In the stores that will give data from the systems, the interviewer will no longer walk.

"In the food sector, prices are changing rapidly, so the interviewers are not lost. People can also change their purchase behavior according to prices, for example, at a better price they can get more price in stock," said Ji değişí Mrázek, Director of CHSO Pricing Department. Thanks to data from cashier systems, the statistics will have more accurate data on individual food prices, such as sharply monitored butter or potatoes.

Statistics show that they need different data and that the State has a different format via Electronic Revenue Record (EET).

The amendment welcomed CNB

Statistics, according to the new method, according to the current method of price development may vary depending on the percentage score estimates. However, the effect on general inflation will be at most ten percent.

The first working year is to test and correct any errors. The data will be encrypted. Statisticians do not expect traders to give false data and will verify data with other sources. "If we suspect a leak, we can't say that, we have a privacy duty," Sixta said.

The new method is also welcomed by representatives of the Czech National Bank. "This will reduce the calculation of inflation data, more detailed data will be used by our analysts," said Petr Král, head of the Czech National Bank's currency. Better statistics will strengthen the CNB's monetary policy order.

According to the head of the Czech Traditional Trade and COOP Chief Zdenınk Juračka Association, large data stores should not have problems or additional costs.

Vendor data, for example in Norway or the Netherlands, have long been gaining statistics, for example, in Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Slovenia. Other countries, including Slovakia, are preparing this change.

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