Friday , August 12 2022

Spurny: Moneta connection planned with Air Bank's dividends will not affect


The planned dividend this year has risen to 5.6 kr per share after the announcement of the results of this quarter, so far it was less than a penny. In the long term, the Bank has committed to pay at least 70 percent of its profit to its shareholders. In addition, in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, it promised to pay a total of CZK 11.5 billion in total.

Moneta, based on the results, predicted this year's net profit of 4.1 billion or 100 million more than the previous estimate in September. In 2017, it gained CZK 3.9 billion. The next year, according to Spurn, the profit will drop to CZK 3.6 billion due to one-off effects that have had a positive impact on the economy this year.

Since 2016, Moneta Money Bank has been operating under its current name, and the former GE Para Bank bank has changed its name since its inception in May of that year. The financial institution is one of the largest listed companies in the Prague Stock Exchange.

Moneta Money Bank recently launched the process of taking over AirBank and Czech and Slovakia Home Loans from the PPF Group entrepreneur Petra Kellner. The planned bank is expected to carry the name Air Bank, the closure of the transaction is expected in the middle of next year and is stipulated in the General Assembly of Money and Monetary Regulators.

The bank will operate the third largest distribution network in the Czech Republic with 237 branches supported by 1005 ATMs. More than a million Monet customers would add 637,000 Air Bank customers and roughly 469,000 Housing Loan customers. According to the number of customers, the new company naeská spoáitelna and will be the third largest bank for göreSOB.

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