Friday , September 24 2021

Shoots new iPhones, Apple’s profits nearly doubled

Earnings per share for the three months to June 26 were $1.3, while analysts surveyed by Refinitiv had expected earnings per share of just $1.01. Total revenue rose 36.4 percent to $81.43 billion. Analysts had expected revenue to rise to just $73.3 billion.

Apple recorded high sales growth, especially in China. CEO Tim Cook told Reuters that customers are buying accessories like the Apple Watch that they can pair with their iPhones. Sales in China rose 58 percent in the quarter to $14.76 billion.

Last year, Apple released the iPhone 12 later than usual for fifth-generation 5G networks. Due to this delay, some iPhone purchases were moved from the first fiscal quarter to the second fiscal quarter. As such, the company warned investors to expect weaker-than-normal iPhone sales in the third fiscal quarter, as consumers will delay purchases in anticipation of next-gen devices arriving in the fall. However, consumer interest in switching to 5G devices seems to have boosted sales. IPhone sales reached $39.57 billion, up nearly 50 percent from the same period last year, beating analysts’ estimates.

What can news do?

Individual models differ from each other mainly in screen size. The new iPhone 12 will offer a 6.1-inch screen, while the smaller version will offer a 5.4-inch screen. Two sizes are also available for the more luxurious Pro version, namely the iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch screen. The Pro versions are more luxurious and have an extra telephoto lens at the back.

The design of all innovations is significantly different from their predecessors. Apple is basically going back to the era of the popular iPhone 5, where the sharp edges of the metal frame instead of the rounded edges played the primary role.

Meet the Apple iPhone 12 Pro smartphone

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Apple iPhone 12

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Many rock fans will definitely welcome this design change, as the build is lighter, thinner, and basically smaller.

The increase in performance is considered practical in new generation iPhones. However, representatives of the American computer giant said that the pace of work is so fast that, for example, League of Legends, a popular video game designed primarily for classic computers, will run on apple phones. This made it clear how dramatically Apple improved performance. This is due to the Apple A14 Bionic chip, which has all four innovations.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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Apple iPhone 12 a 12 mini

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Interest in services was also great.

Revenue from services like TV and music subscriptions and the App Store also grew strongly. Revenue from one-third rose to a record $17.49 billion. Cook added that the number of subscribers across various platforms increased from 660 million in the previous quarter to 700 million.

Pandemics and working from home have also fueled interest in iPads and Macs. Mac sales rose 16.4 percent to $8.24 billion, and iPad sales rose 11.8 percent to $7.37 billion, beating analysts’ expectations. Cook added that sales of these devices were limited due to the global shortage of chips, but that the impact was ultimately not as significant as the company feared. Last quarter, Apple warned investors that the global chip shortage could cut its revenue by $3 billion to $4 billion, mainly due to the lack of chips for iPads and Macs.

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