Wednesday , June 16 2021

San Jose and Moscow? I don’t see any difference to Radil in living conditions

Not exactly?
There is one big difference – poas. Basically I spent two years in San Jose for five years, understandably different in Moscow. But otherwise my living conditions are the same, because Moscow is one lb. There are too many monosts, I really wouldn’t notice such a difference.

And for hockey strings? How was bad luck from NHL to KHL?
This is very cliché, but the yin dimension also hit the two sides. In America, hockey is much more selective, there aren’t many combinations. And most importantly, in NHL, it all depends on the system, sometimes and a lot for my taste. He’s in KHL and nen very bored. It is usually possible so you have a lot of freedom on ice.

What gave two years in America?
Like I said, I’m not playing vc pmoaej, vc stlm and that much. Vc hello donny.

Gula and Nestrail will not participate in the World Cup. And Jakin is not exactly suitable

Are you so sure
I think I went to America two years ago with confidence. This usually happens to me. One day I can, sometimes not, and with that my self-esteem diminishes. Base mm, vc above the dark does not melt.

Isn’t it because you managed to get into the NHL and stay in another environment?
On the other hand, I played there 50 times, and it is a congratulation for my victory. But when you get there, it is true that the urite is zadostiuinn. It is interesting to have the opportunity to compete with some stars and compare with them for a while. Find out in the finale that this is a difference, but again and not too big. Getting into the NHL was, among other things, a dream and it finally came about when I wasn’t expecting it. It is a coincidence that I cannot stay in America, but I am not sorry.

Do they take Russia differently after returning from the NHL?
It seems to me that in Spartak I had built a certain position in pedtm. I didn’t think it was important to be in America for two years. I did not honor this.

After returning to KHL, he ate sugar but then his appetite for glove froze. B.C?
The arrest was really cool and I didn’t really know, it wasn’t like that for a long time because it wasn’t bad for the matches and wasn’t satisfied. Probably I was not a born insole, and while every quarter of my body falls on Brno at the time of arrest, it will eventually be about every fifteen. However, I am satisfied because by the end I had two problems and filmed. America helped me in this.

Will you continue on Spartacus?
I hope so, but it is unclear.

How is this?
Because I am always guided by the instructor and basically I don’t know if it will be cold. We will also find out what’s going on.

Is it the changes caused by sporting nepiel sports?
We moved towards the play-offs, how rushed we were for the club. If we move on to the second round, another situation probably arises, but if you play as CSKA Moscow in the dark, our progress will probably be a sight. They are elsewhere with St. Petersburg or Dinamo Moscow, it is also possible to compete with such a club. However, we heard about the changes in Spartak throughout the season and this has nothing to do with the sports results.

Nepemlte about eska for nvratu?
Of course I know about some images but I definitely prefer to go abroad. I’m getting younger. It will be seen in at least a year. It will depend on the situation.

Luk Radil

In two years, he scored 7 gl and 11 points in total in 50 NHL games that started with the San Jose Sharks jersey. He also tried est zpa in the playoffs, but returned to Russia last year, where he again colored Spartak Moscow. Slavi’s 30-year-old native is currently fighting for a place in the national dark for the World Cup. And so for a new contract in KHL.

You are currently preparing with the national team. Doesn’t poison just bother you?
No, because it is represented and the world championship is a great motivation for me. I also live in Prague, where we developed, and I have to be with my wife every day. Since the tournament will start later and more NHL games will be played, I will discuss about this event although I will know that the situation will be more difficult for games in Europe this year.

But there is something behind you and you belong to the hills on which the national team should stand. Do you think like that?
It’s very timely to talk about the position in the dark, I can’t see the head of the coach. It’s mainly about how many boys come from America. This will be my position and if I am left in the dark. But it will fly as hard as I manage to fight and how will I sew.

Trenr Pen talked about one aspect – human resources typology. Can you adapt?
In this I can apply the American experience where you have to submit to the dark and especially to the system. There was a complete system in the first place. You could put nice things on the ice, but when you broke the system and your place was not on the ice, you were punished.

In this regard, I wonder if you learned to play under pressure out there, do you understand?
At the age of four, you can compete in sports at every step. I wouldn’t see it as something unique to America. It is a general phenomenon. Under it, you fight and dream better.

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