Sunday , December 6 2020

Reading points? Budüjovice ice hockey coach

Vlastimil Vacek. right

After the final ice match in Usti nad Labem, the entire club had an unexpected shower for Prospala. The matches in Kladno and oradastí nad Labem, although the engine wins with ice, but it will not be there in the end. The match was agreed with 5: 0 for their rivals, because Jihocei violated the rules for the number of players over 20 years old.

According to technical standards, 21 teams of hockey players can take part in the Chance League match. With the young players who do not participate in the start of the Czech Republic, there are two limitless goalkeeper and 19 players with a maximum of 17 years old and 20 years of age (1998).

You won 4: 0 in Instí and left with a single point at the top of the table. On Tuesday morning everything was different and the clubs were removed. What are you saying

Since we play for victory, we always try to create the best team possible. It's just, I'm sorry, all the rules we have here. We give our youth green, they have to play and there is a mistake in my head just by putting one.

Administratively, …eské Budějovice lost the first place on the table …

We lost six points and now we have two choices. Let's face it with regret or as a return to return first. There are five hard matches to follow and we'll want to win each one.

How do you play hockey in the first place and the second highest competition?

I love talking to you. Now I'm not going to leave Budejovice. I finally want to finish the job.

Is it difficult to confirm the role of favorites with Bud ?jovice?

We must prove it wherever we come from. No victory was not easy. Hockey depends on how we play.

You have to get used to the first league stadiums in the Czech Republic with the last season's Olympics and the World Championship. Is this a big difference?

Anything he wants or wants, security, background, halls, travel elsewhere. On the other hand, it's still hockey. I came from Bud .jovice, I learned to play here. I gave my dog ​​the chance to train in my city and I'm grateful. I'm trying to work in the game and my job is filling me up.

Are you still in touch with former coaches of Josef Jandač and Ji antrenörí Kalous from the national team?

Of course. I didn't like where they trained the KHL and Russia. They knew I was going to Bud .jovice and they had a lot in Magnitogorsk. I don't want to go to Russia or even go there. I was a long time away and it's time to return to Bud ejovice.

How do you remember the last representation part?

This engagement gave me strength, it was a big challenge. I'd be against myself if I said no. I'm glad I'm two years old. I learned a lot, knew great people.

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