Tuesday , December 1 2020

Pornstar Daisy Lee's first words about her mother: Totally out, still sleeping!

With 50% of the body burns, former deputy mayor Pribram Alena seníšková in the hospital. The politician exploded in the hospital and ended up after the fire in his apartment. She was told by her daughter's famous porn star, Daisy Lee. Mother, how did he not see him in two years?

The tragedy took place in P &íbram in early November. Former Deputy Mayor Pribram Alena eveníšková's house had an explosion and a subsequent fire. Police had to move the helicopter to the hospital. He finished with burns in 50% of his body. There were two children in his apartment. One was burned in 20% of the body and the other was injured on the face.

The exact cause of the tragedy is not yet clear, but according to unofficial information, the ornamental fire exploded. .Eníšková still suffered severe burns in the Hospital Hospital of Vinohrady in Prague.

Daisy Lee, daughter of political status, was written by his own name Karolina Urbanová. The famous porn star had not seen her mother for two years, but the tragedy reunited the family.

"In such cases, I understood one, how much my mother meant to me. Too bad for my mom. We can't even reach her," He wrote on Instagram for more than a week after the porn star Tragedy.

Now, she decided to talk again about my mother's condition. "He's completely out, still sleeping. In a stable situation, but it will still be very difficult" He added to Nova's TV: "I realized that we can't talk, and if she's dead, I won't see her again."

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