Thursday , September 16 2021

Milan Lasica († 81): The widow secretly buried him!

Widow Magda Vasaryova (72), a former actress and diplomat, but she turned him down. Thousands of Slovaks have written a petition to have the country’s beloved humorist and partner Julius Satinsky. († 61) state funeral. Instead, the final farewell took place Wednesday afternoon at the Bratislava crematorium, with less than 50 selected guests in attendance. Bolek Polívka hurried from Czech Republic (71), established a great friendship with the deceased.

Bolek prefers to remain silent

When asked what she said she said she had Lasica. He was one of the few chosen to be present at a secret burial, and he did not want to overreact. “This is a private matter for the family,” Aha! Through his manager, referring to the official announcement of Bolek Polívka Theatre. “It was so unexpected – we had a lot of theater plans ahead of us, we were looking forward to starting next season with it…” Polívka expressed her sadness at the sudden death of her Slovak friend.

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confused colleagues

Milan Lasica’s many colleagues are surprised when he is not invited to a secret funeral by his family. They generally agree that he deserves a dignified and narrative burial. But they don’t want to talk directly, but they understand the family.

Deana Jakubiskova (63), wife of actor and director Juraj Jakubisek (83)

“Under normal circumstances we would probably go to Bratislava for a funeral. But not only has covid changed everything… Milan’s death has surprised us, we are shocked, although it was beautiful if you could say death is beautiful. But it is always sad when such an exceptional person leaves. But we know that he has overcome very difficult health problems.”

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Milan Kňažko (75), actor and former politician

“Although he often clarifies not directly political but public issues, about what is normal and what should be, I don’t think it will matter. I don’t think he has such an official honor. I also think and agree with him that the real value lies in something else, not in ceremonies. That’s why I don’t want to say you don’t deserve them…” (From a daily SMB interview)

A witness to his sudden death also came …

The ceremony itself lasted about three-quarters of an hour. Immediately after its completion, the family – widowed Magda Vášáryová (72), with their daughters Hana (40) and Žofie (36) grandchildren, left the back entrance. Of course, there was also the “mother from Pelišky” Emília Vášáryová (79), Magda’s sister and sister-in-law Milana. A final farewell to Lasic was given by Juraj Bartoš, conductor of the Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra. She was the first to stand by him when his heart failed. Milan Lasica died suddenly after singing “I am an optimist” and greeting the audience at a concert at the L + S Studio Theater in Bratislava on a Sunday.

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