Tuesday , May 17 2022

Lukáš Vácha, a Spartan model, is the father: Her first PHOTO!


In early August, the Prague Sparty midfielder picked a stroller, had the best time. He can now save her daughter Kristyna, who is the father of his father for the first time. "17 November 2018, 10:00" wrote Vacha's photo to her Instagram.


GALLERY: Lukáš Vácha has his first time

source: Facebook

First photo of Lukáš Vácha and Kristınky

The birthday of Kristeky Vácha will be remembered for the traditional celebration of 17 November. "Congratulations to Lukáš Vácha, the father of Kristýna's daughter! You are healthy, happy and Kristýka will make you happy".

Lukáš Vácha experienced Sparta's greatest glory in 2013, out of Slavia in Prague, but since 2013. He also played for Liberec, Baník and Jablonec. He's a double Czech champion and a Czech rep.

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