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Lucie played hits for thousands of audiences and introduced a new album

update: 22.11.2018 23:00

Prague – one of the most popular Czech groups, Lucie, David Koller, Robert Kodym, P. B. Ch. and Michal Dvo2ák, sold O2 arena sold. The tickets for the tour in Prague were sold fast, so other fans can come to favorite songs to sing on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to the hits that have been proven for many years, the new album EvoLucie & # 39; s songs have been released today. In the same composition, more than 30 years of play, fourteen musicians released him for 16 years.

Lucie's concert, November 22, 2018 in Prague. From left, keyboardist Michal Dvo Chák and bassist Petr Bretislav Chovanec (P.B.CH). In a round that started last week in Ostrava, Lucie was sure. There are only five news among the 22 songs he plays in the current concerts. With stormy joy, the audience welcomed the first tones and words of the Head Tones of the song. "In the queues of dark houses, only the windows were open, the whole city had already fallen asleep," thousands of people in the field and several times the gallery.

The second song was the title I like the new album like this. Bassist P. B. Ch. and the lyrics are written with guitarist Robert Kodym. From the first half of the 1990s, it evokes the work of Lucie. It's simple, melodic and easy to grip. Kodym's song after LSD, You Sleep, In You, Daniel or Moves.

Lucie's concert, November 22, 2018 in Prague. Singer David Koller. From the beginning of the 1990s, Hitler, known for his anti-Communist activities, did not say that he would say o I did not want to go back to where we were miserable o after so many years. After the other hits like America, Lucie, Teddy Bear, Black Angels and Troubit, we want to have a concert to make a new song on trumpets. Along with the audience of some of the most famous songs, part of the party was singing almost one by one, and news fans were seen accepting it.

Lucie's concert, November 22, 2018 in Prague. From left to bassist Petr Bymetislav Chovanec (P.B.CH) and guitarist Robert Kodym. Lucie offers them a great concert at the concerts and the events on stage can be followed by the audience behind the musicians. Opinions are supplemented by explanatory images or clips.

After the Czech-Slovak tour, Lucie, Ostrava, Brno and Prague, there are still eight stops in Bratislava and Košice. EvoLucie album was released on November 9th. All members, as well as Koller and Kodym & # 39; p.B.Ch. and Dvorak. Most of the texts looked at Kody. The group was among the most successful two to three in history.




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