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LIVE: Nightwish loved Prague, but not surprised

19. 11. 2018

Essentially, and the only added value of the new choice is the remasterization of the sound quality appreciated by audiophiles, which is a significant part of metal music listeners.

And about purity, in Beast In Black, the façade was a beautiful, pure singing, as well as a good person interested in the murmur. Fans of eighty-metal-metal came to themselves, and those who did not have enough, will have their second record in January, and then the band will receive it as they look at the Pilsen Metalfest.

FOTOREPORT: Nightwish, Princess Fighter Floor The fiery show of Jansen filled the O2 arena

The main stars of their two-hour performances have changed completely according to the scenario in the previous European outlets. It was now known that they were in a situation where there was no place for improvisation. First of all, in all screenshots, in the preliminary strings of pyrotechnics and strings, and in other instruments that Nightwish should have in a synchronized symbiosis. And what we're talking about is a little embarrassing, because nature, human errors and unexpected situations are usually a stronger experience in half an hour than on-shot rachella.

But in any case, fans cannot anchor themselves in order not to get what they came from. So the hits of a classic hit symphonic metal, they can't miss If Nemo was an angel, I want my tears back or today from a more recent song, a fully established one élan. Floor Jansen & # 39; s singing skills were also successful in a sound show The poem of the dead child and result Come protect meOf course, the rest of the group performed well with tribute to the tireless drummer Jukka Nevalainen.

The fans' reaction to them was a great threat and an endless headscarf. Unfortunately, this only applies to the first row in the standing area. There were two salons and two floors in the back, a beautiful view, the atmosphere in the audience, but unfortunately the win was behind expectations. Unfortunately, there wasn't even a person making a song on a tablet. And in the narration, the voice of the narrator, "Give peace to this digital slave for at least two hours."

And while Nightwish was respectful to them, he didn't really do anything new, it would justify the shooting. However, it is logical to consider the opportunities created by this tour. It is possible to be excited by their performances, because this was certainly great, but the author, unfortunately, could not do so, considering a concert very similar to Finland's six goals. This time we're considering the accelerated program, slightly above average, and looking at the next Czech stop. Maybe even in the new album.

setlist: Dark Breasts Magic, If I Was An Angel, 10. Human Fell, Cover Me, Gethsemane, Elan, Sacrament in the Wild, The Poem of the Dead, Elvenjig (Traditional), Elvenpath, I Want My Tears Back, Last Journey of the Day, Carpenter, Kinslayer, Devil and Deep The Dark Ocean, Nemo, The Dreamer Slaying, The Greatest Show In The World, Ghost Love Score

Text: Jan Trávníček, photo: Marek Holoubek

topics: Nightwish, Kat Jansen, O2 arena

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