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Laňka Brožová this time bored and fell asleep –

Another part of the successful singing contest, Your face has a well-known voice, brought many surprises. One of them was a performance of young Catherine Marie Fialová (22) who played and perfected Stojky song by her colleague Berenika Kohoutová (28) for the evening. A small disappointment has always been Kate sexyina Brožová (51), a very boring and boring song.

9 Nov 2019 22.46 |
Author Markéta Kuča

Foreign star

Young singer Kateřina Marie
(22) has long been considered an outsourcing competitor. You have your face
known sound
. In this round, not only the jury,
TV viewers.

The costume was perfect and not visually from Berenika Kohoutová.
to be recognized. Also, Violet started with all the decorations and the audience in the hall
I had so much fun. “Really did. Well done
Berenice, ”
people comment on social networking

Singer and actress safe in Extra Host show
presenter Eva Decastelo about bone cancer affecting her
My father and he died when Catherine was only sixteen years old. attractive
The brunette is slow but definitely one of the favorites of the whole competition.
we will see how it ends.

Ground floor Kateřina Brožová

Kateřina Brožová
(51) is considered a dominant favorite from the beginning. No audience
They didn't expect Brož to be in Face like this, and every performance
It will entertain people. In addition, he draws a performance in which
Must have a sexy outfit, there is something to look at.

But this time it failed and it's not his fault. U losování
Katerina Brozova was just unlucky. Performance with Ondřej Ruml
Catherine was dressed while sleeping. fans
social networks admit they like the faster section

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