Saturday , November 28 2020

Klatovy driver shot, deserted bus went with him –

For an accident in Velhartice, Klatovy, a 44-year-old Police Chief, is currently accused of health injuries. One of the passengers fell to his feet when he fell and could not go to work for two months.

"As the door of the store closed behind the driver, the bus moved. At that time we were four," Bronislava Naušová remembered the dramatic moments of this summer.

. The lady and baby jumped first. I hesitated for a moment, because the woman we stayed rose while trying to stop the bus. But that didn't work, "she continued.

The bus is working and working this way. "I'm working on a rescue service, so I've launched a disaster that could end it," Nausova added.

Skip blindly

Med I didn't see where we were and I jumped out, 52 a 52-year-old woman said.

He admitted he was a blind leap. "I didn't have time to look around, I just felt like I had to leave the bus immediately. Such a self-protection instinct," he recalled annoying moments. After the effects on the road, her leg is slipped.

Edi I wrote, I had sandals, so I understood, “he added.

The speed at which the bus was moving couldn't tell Nausea. ”But it was pretty big for me,“ he said. He also warned that no one had yet to talk to him. "The driver in question stood to greet me," he added.

The driver, accused, did not even notice that the bus went with the public. "I just found out that when I got out and left the shop, I found it in the garden of a nearby house," Pavel Ch said.

It did not ensure the safety of the transported persons and acted according to the researchers in violation of the road traffic law.

It also violated the internal directive of the transport company, which, inter alia, stipulates that if the driver leaves the bus, he must start the wheels with a wedge.

"The uncontrolled bus speeded up and the passengers couldn't imagine how the journey would end. The researchers had to make a quick decision, had no choice but to jump out of the bus.

If a driver is charged in court, he is under the threat of a driving ban in addition to his annual prison sentence.

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