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Jana Fabinov: A psychiatrist sexually assaulted me in surgery


Jana Fabinov, the daughter of singer and actress Nadi Urbnkov, graduated from high school. He studied German for two years at the Faculty of Fine Arts and for two years at the Hussite Faculty of Theology. He graduated in 2003 when TV Nova became the ex-slavk Discovery.

He has released two pop and three jazz albums. Lta has performed in theaters (eg Semaphore, Kalich, Nrodn divadlo, Nrodn divadlo moravskoslezsk) and has performed regularly with the jazz group The Jazz Appeal. As a public offering, he created three collections.

In 2011, he decided to try the award. He flew to Los Angeles, where he stayed for seven years, making a living by singing and acting in theater and cinema. He won many awards for his music project The Infinite Seas and was a voting member of the prestigious publication of the American Grammy.

However, it is not uncommon for Jana Fabinov, who has also excelled in international competition, to be plagued with gossip from both the association and some teachers during the grassroots tour. I realized how famous my mother was when I started cycling, Fabinov says on the new debt of room 13.

And I didn’t want to, I was in sight and laughing at me. Everyone laughed at me when I couldn’t find anything on the bike or got a bad grade. On the contrary, when I did something at the time, they said fuck me. Several of my classmates followed me, k.

Jana Fabinov: You talk about my mother, we switch roles

They threw my things away, took them, threw me out of the window at night, dressed. I grew up very often and suffered as a child. I went for a bike ride, my stomach hurt under stress, I remember the singer by the fact that ikanu also started from the teacher. Like the three Urbnkov’s daughters, they always humiliated me before the whole week.

st. He also got into a fight with his child’s removal upon the arrest of Fikiri. And so his personal life was complicated. She was divorced and went abroad to see her mother’s husband at the time, who never took her. He took it like a pt and patin’ it.

Jana Fabi

Jana Fabinov with her mother Naa Urbnková (June 2019)

She really didn’t like him. He didn’t name me. He called me bastard, you bastard. And in front of my mother. When they met, he frowned and excited me. Fabinov, when I first saw him, I looked at him, everything was terrible inside me.

So her mother, Naa Urbnkov, does not remember her former partner in good standing today. The person Jana and I were with in Spain at the time is not here. I hope he is in hell. For causing immense pain and embarrassment, k.

Naa Urbnkov is clear: a hunter should look at the world through straight glasses

At the age of eighteen Fabinov moved from Hungary to the Czech Republic, where he began working. He got married at the age of twenty. The mistake I made was marrying too early. Among other things, she was the first to marry him. I guess none of us were quite ready for marriage at the time, and that’s why it ended in divorce after all these years, she recalls.

The moment of separation was devastating for him. He got her on her knees and took her to a psychiatric office. But he couldn’t get help there. In the second session, the psychiatrist sexually assaulted me. In your office. He used it. He patted my head and tried to mutter. I broke up with him and ran away. It was a huge blow to my garden. In system, medicine and mue, piznv Jana Fabinov.

Jana Fabi

After this experience, he went to Los Angeles, USA, where he lived by singing and playing. Dal lska j so cold. She had an affair with a manipulator. It engulfed him in a very dirty web of goodwill, manipulation, devotion, humiliation, and the gradual weakening of social relations.

Jana Fabinov returns to the Ivch team of traffic lights

It was a short and intense relationship. The hunter caught me the way he bonded with me. The song knew what I could do and what I needed. A few weeks later, it started to turn around and suddenly everything bothered him. eil where am i going, i am going there, what am I doing to myself, how do i look. An hour of dominations, shots, accusations, tricks and manipulations followed. I contacted the therapist. told me, and after that the hunter immediately uteu. The situation escalated until he sat down with me at a table in the kitchen. There was a pole about an inch from the artery in my neck. For the singer, I feared for life.

Mentally, Jana Fabinov has reached the bottom several times in her life. However, he managed to get rid of the victim role. Until recently, she was a singer in Prague with the Indian-American musician Dino Bos. They met in 2016, they met last year. Urbnkov’s daughter bag later said that the wedding will take place in the spring of 2021.

Dino also said that he decided to postpone our wedding due to several tragedies that happened to our family in 2020. Bag and fiancee separated after this announcement.

Jana Fabinov met Ivan living in Australia at the time of covidov on Instagram, we have eight msc together. And we didn’t see each other face to face. It’s a special time, the singer adds. With a new partner, there is a daily, then a video call. Meeting face-to-face and flying on a first date.

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