Thursday , December 3 2020

It is cheaper than Tesla in China. Sales customs and Chinese auto manufacturers threaten

Commercial war, growing competition and changing Chinese market. Many factors soon caused Tesla to reduce the price of electric cars in China. Sales in the most populous country in the world, for the US automobile manufacturer, are very important for selling about ten thousand cars in the country last year.

The price of the S model will be reduced by 12 percent in automobile showrooms, while a 25 percent drop in price will be provided by SUV Model X. En We are trying to absorb most of the cars, we are trying to make our cars more economical, eye said the carmaker, who made an official statement.

But as the Financial Times warns, the car's carmaker carmaker moves several times this year. In the face of business disputes in May, Tesla's vehicles were cheaper to raise prices after two months. Tesla chef Elon Musk was at a time when he announced plans to build his own factory near Shanghai. At present, the car factory imports all its cars from China to China, which is an important commercial risk for a loss job.

I We have to watch the Passat, maybe we have nothing to do for that, belki says the head of Škoda Auto unionists

China is currently a major player in the field of electromobility. While traditional automobile sales are decreasing throughout the country, electromobiles are developing despite the slowing economy. China was more than half a million cars last year, selling more than a third of the world's electric car production. Ver China needs Tesla, "LMC Automotive analyst John Zeng told Forbes.

However, a strong market for electric cars attracts Chinese mills who want to get a share of the sales cake. An example is a quarter billion dollars Warren Buffet investment BYD ten years ago. Since then, the share has grown five times. It is also noted by the Chinese manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles NIO, whose shares have been traded on the New York Stock Exchange since September. . Our cars are cheaper and better than Tesla 39, while entering Wall Street, did not hide the ambitions from NIO representatives.

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