Tuesday , October 4 2022

In Chlístovice, the commission cheated, he also voted none. Options will be repeated


In the small town of Chlststovice in Kutná Hora, seven hundred people will repeat the elections and the District Court ruled in Prague. Courts have in many cases already entered the election results, but have re-authorized powers. Chlestovice was the first to repeat the election because of electoral fraud. However, there was only one of the two electoral districts – the second was inconsistencies.

Six local officials spoke to the court and said that even two commissioners asked citizens to vote for a portable urn. Complaints also noted that those who did not really vote were included in the list of voters as voters.

The court later argued that at least seven people were not elected as voters, they did not vote or were not shown in the village. For example, a police woman is not a searcher and her place of residence is not even family members.

"Although the court cannot determine precisely how many voters have voted and which candidates have these voices, it is not suspicious that the election results are significantly hindered because voters of the 1st Regional Election Commission do not prove their voters.

Since it was a relatively large number, it probably affected the distribution of tasks in the region. The court acknowledged that it was not possible to determine whether and if it would help.

"At the same time, there are reasonable doubts about participation in the election of others in the list of elected voters in the council, but no one is seen in the ballot box and is not even on the list of people elected to the ballot box." Said.

The victory of KSeriM

In the village, the election won 15 percent and won 33 percent of the KS #M. However, 38% of the Association of Independent Partnership Candidates was awarded in this region. However, in the second region, the association won less than five percent of the votes.

According to the tribunal, two members of the Regional Commission headed to a caretaker station. However, only those who request this portable urn can vote according to the rules. However, it turned out that many people who only met did not allow them to vote, whereas voters thought.

Both were swallowed before the court to tell what happened later. However, one of them confessed to rejecting his brother-in-law. "It is almost impossible to believe in the versions where members of the district election commission are trying to explain the sudden participation of some citizens in these elections." Said. The polls, on the court's request, were interested in some voters and even the police, who listened to members of the regional commission.

Dead woman in the list

And the court concluded that the members of the commission in question had falsified their list of voters. "There was a clear and additional unpredictable, inadequate and numerous mistake with a list of voters who had to ask voters to be elected by a portable ballot box," the court said, pointing to the changed name that has lasted for several years. Said. Dead women

The court had no doubt that the two members of the commission were responsible for it. It has also been proved that the use of the voting right of the ballot or the right to vote on behalf of the two members of the commission has also been proved, and that the fact that the voters have more versions of the voter lists has been created. for the citizens, "he said.

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