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Help me, I'm gonna hear a neighbor of a woman killed. Testified in court –


After the crime, it was claimed that the Romanian woman had tied a woman's body from the window of Ukraine, threw her away from the window, carried her away and hid her in a pit in the Nisa river. Ailiesei disagrees with the indictment. He claims to be innocent.

A neighbor in the court testified in the middle of the house where the murder took place. He said he was a neighbor, a young Ukrainian, heard overnight, shouting loudly and for a long time. Hatırlıy Drop me! Lar And he remembers the screams of ”Help“! Help! It will kill me! . The neighbor also heard that the Ukrainian attacker was handling the attacker on her behalf. 39 She was a name I didn't know, but it seemed to start with the letter M, şu the woman said.

Two years ago, the police started the case after a person on the emergency line reported that a woman had disappeared from the window of her apartment on the bus station in Liberec. Behind him, the man jumped and pushed the woman away.

Perpetrators in the body caught on camera

The police officers didn't find anybody. However, they found traces of violence and a small child in the apartment. After his mother announced a search, the body discovered the next day and was bound to a pit in the Nisa river.

On Wednesday, according to a police officer who had captured a woman's body, a police officer reportedly recorded a camera in the courtroom. Apparently, this will not be a very important proof, because a concrete figure, only a walking figure with a load, can be distinguished on the record.

The defendant (an orange sweater), in court, takes the body of a woman who has been murdered and follows a record seizing the perpetrator.

The defendant (an orange sweater), in court, takes the body of a woman who has been murdered and follows a record seizing the perpetrator.

PHOTO: Michal Polák, Právo

Romania faces 15 to 20 years of imprisonment or an extraordinary punishment. He knew that he had killed Ukraine with Liberec, his ex-girlfriend, Czech. The woman left with him a week before the action, and Ailieseie could not take a walk. He claimed vinyl had a bad influence on his partner.

The most important evidence against her was the tyrole of the body. They found traces of DNA. Ailieseie tells an interesting story that the rope wears a tied yellow dog given to him by an unknown man on the street. "I don't know what your name is. I had to watch two dogs, and the other one. And I wanted to help him. It was just a minute, and then the dog stopped loving him, so I left him with that rope," Rum said.

Already conditional

When he wanted his release from custody, he tried to be tried on an innocent basis to persuade the court on Wednesday. Instead, he proposed the alleged assurance of his trusted father. , I commit that I will personally be responsible for all of your son's activities,, he said, promising the court of a parent who came to the Czech Republic some time ago to find a job in the Czech Republic.

The court did not recognize the guarantee. Judge Eva Drahotová said, "There is a reasonable concern that the defendant can escape and hide when threatened with a high penalty." Murder rumors are fifteen to twenty years or even an extraordinary punishment.

He had suffered physical damage two times before his arrest in the Czech Republic twice and had not been condemned on account of his incarceration and had not been conditional during the course of his murder. Shortly after the action, he was quickly arrested and returned to Romania six months later, under a European arrest warrant, sent to the Czech Republic. He has been in a prison since then.

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