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He shouted: Thanks to the cranks, our muscles grew in construction. Basket found

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In the new film Radim Špaček, Zlatý turned into a podraz gold Czechoslovakian basketball player and described in detail the unique sport section of our post-war history. "I knew what was happening was very bad. I'm even more annoyed with my old organization," says a 20-year-old actor.

There is a Golden Podras story about the post-war story of Czechoslovak basketball players. How do you feel about the result? You moved.
This feeling is really big. We all love each other during the shooting. When we saw our collaborative work on the big screen for more than a year, we felt that this was true and we managed to make the film. It will really impress you.

You know, before the story of the Czechoslovak basketball players, as a single person in 1946, he managed to win a gold medal for the Republic.
I didn't even know it happened when I went to the dump. Finally, when I learned more, I started to look for information. From the beginning, it was clear that there was a story that was not on display yet and had a great potential.

So, you tried to examine the time and conditions of the story of the film?
I was reflected in my character and those around him. For example, in my film my father is a falcon, I started the Sokol regiments and I usually try to learn the falcon as much as I can. I was interested in the general atmosphere of sports time. I understood the various commitments and problems in sports. And then, of course, I've focused on the men themselves, our basketball players.

Everything surprised you?
No. I knew that what was happening was fear, and this awareness only deepened for me. It was the only thing that had to be done, but I'm more interested in my institution. The main reason for the film is the bending of the ridges across the Soviet Union and ideology. In the case of basketball players, in 1951 the European Championship was deadly.

Do you think something similar can happen today?
We know you're here right now, and it's not good at all. I hope the repetition of those who have been in the past regime is not allowed. On the other hand, in 1945, after the end of the war, he would think something like this would come three years later. There are a lot of things that we can't trust and can come and be terrible. But I want to believe in better variants.

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Interesting people, reading about historical events, unusual events.

Many surveys and surveys show that many young people today don't know what was happening on August 21, 1968 and why it was so important on November 17th. You're 20 years old, you look at the fact that some of your friends are so basic. don't you have an overview? What is this?
It will change attitudes towards young people when it comes to education. Of course I don't want to throw everyone into a bag but I think the education system in our country is not good. I've experienced it recently. Although I'm interested in the content of many things, the system you have to go there, you have to learn it, you should read this and then take the paper. How can I motivate myself to be a little bit silly at the end? I guess something should change. However, films may also lead to some basic historical overview. Allow people to take a picture of this issue like ours and learn more about the past. This is a fun form of education.

How can your physical preparation look at basketball scenes?
We have been trained every market for about seven months. But with the men, we played together in the park and with the other men who went to work together. I feel like the sport I find myself.

Outside the camera, the actors performed more than ten thousand moves with the director. You said you didn't even need artificial pots in the filming.
The ritual performed with the clicks started already on the first shooting day. In front of the stage, one actor looked at his hands and said, "Hey, we shouldn't pump a bit." And we started playing almost every scene, and director Radim Špaček joined us. We were pretty good at the shooting of the basketball scenes. This is not usually the case for filming, but we are very excited and happy to have the energy we will distribute in this project.

Zdenkk Piškula

  • He is 20 years old and graduated from the Prague Conservatory.
  • In front of the camera for more than 12 years. His first role was the character of Honzík Dvořák in the Narrative series. Visegrad played Three Brothers in the Fairytale and sang with Vojta Dyko and Tomas Klus
  • Two years ago, at 18, as the youngest participant in StarDance, he won the competition with dancer Veronika Lálová.
  • Gold creates a pair of actress Simon Lewandowsky, who plays his partner in the Shuffle.

Your true love girlfriend Simona Lewandowska played her love of your movie. How was it working together?
Both of us were initially frightened, but we were looking forward to the party gathered at the party and finally to the joint shootings.

The last time we talked about a year ago, you said that the creators and the people around you finally perceived Matthew from Narrative's Matthew or Fairy Tale Three Brothers. How do you still think of yourself as child's play?
I can't talk about this. He can kidnap me, or show me who he wants. This is another sensation of maturity. I have the impression that this film can get me out of a picture of a blonde boy from a fairy tale or series. Still, I'm actually playing Honza! Maybe I'm looking at Honza. (Laugh)

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