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French magnificence brought him luck: Badink won the eleventh episode of The Face and won the final.

Michael returned to Édith Piaf this time.

Michael returned to Édith Piaf this time. Photo: TV Nova archive

10 November 2018 23:04

He came, rose, and disarm the audience and jury with his singing. In the eleventh round of the show Michaela Badinková (39). Your face has a well-known voice, a great actor but also a singer.

He was unrecognizable in the costume of the French music legend Édith Piaf. Not only because of short wavy hair or thin eyebrows, but also typical of the world-famous chanson. Padam and Padam were doing Misa for a week, but it was worth it.

The famous player scored the most points at the end of the episode and donated a second check, worth fifty thousand crowns, to the point where he earned as Aretha Franklin for his help in the sixth episode.

And not just that. Together with Tereza Maškov (22), Eva Burešová (25) and Patrik Dergel (29), they went to the finals where they would compete for the fifth winner of the successful show.

Eliška Vinterová .

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