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Czech granular deposits in Trutnov exceed expectations

Czech garnishes are now mined in the Czech Republic, only in two places, the Giant Mountains and the Highlands of Bohemia. Sayesinde We can say that there is a lot of music in Olešnice for less money, thanks to lower operating costs than the Podsedice deposit in Eské středohoří. Mining yields cover operating costs, ř said Jiří Boudný of the Granát Turnov Art Cooperative.

According to a geological survey, a deposit of two hectares in Dolní Olešnice could release about seven hundred kilograms of valuable raw materials. The Kalenský region fell in the Krkonoše Mountains, through which the garnet vein passes, with an estimated 23 tonnes of pyro. Mostly beneath houses and roads where mines are impossible. Miners discovered part of the Krkonoše storage area through surface mining. The unique pair of mined jewels is a pair of pyropes longer than seven millimeters.

“So far we have purchased five similar stones from the mining in Dolní Olešnice, which is very rare. The size of Olešnice pyrope often ranges from three to four millimeters, which is decent. Typically, Podsedice pyramids in North Bohemia are of similar size, but of a slightly higher quality, B says Boudny.

Attraction for candidates

The strength of Olešnice deposits attracts gold miners who have been shifting Czech clothing for years. The Turnov co-operative had to protect the mine site against miner cameras. “Here we see people's movements increase. There's not much about pyrology, but there's no one's injury there. ”

Dolní Olešnice has pigeon blood-colored stones under a layer of clay from one and a half to three and a half meters. It will be mined for at least four years. “Technologically, we can go to a depth of five meters. If the stones were deeper, we would have to change the mining technology too much, which we do not expect, B says Boudný.

The mining is protected by the profits of Czech garnet jewelery demanded worldwide. “The cooperative is profitable. The Czech garnet is a strategic raw material for flawless jewelery production, P said Pavel Tvrzník, head of the Turnov team.

Mining in Dolní Olešnice.

Photo: Vladislav Prouza, Právo

The garnet in Dolní Olešnice will employ five experienced people from the neighboring Vestřev region, where mining ended several years ago. Miners left behind a reclaimed flattened landscape of two football fields that had never been used before due to impact and air strikes. Traces after open-mining mining soften the bulldozers in Dolní Olešnice.

The municipal cash register will be enriched by the rental income for the mining area, the percentage of land paid from the land fund or the amount paid to the state per one kilogram of material extracted. In four years, Dolni Olesnice will be enriched with one and a half million crowns.

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