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COMMENT: Říha teaches hockey players to win. Although the national team has changed, however, the victory in Kerjala cannot be exaggerated.

It is based on the belief that Playersíha & # 39; s players work simply when they present team tactics and needs. No helpless defense and discus throw, but a bold, confident game style based on consistent attack.

No more cores

The coach teaches Czech hockey players to trust and win again. Orum I want every player to be honored to wear the national team jersey. To appreciate men and work hard for the opportunity, "says a coach who gave up the idea of ​​putting together a core of the passing team, because it's silly that the team is against the conditions of the season in which he rejoins. Before the Bratislava Championship, Říha recognized himself.

National team will remain undefeated and will celebrate the first zero

In 2019, only players in good form skating and taking notes from the coach are already participating in tournaments. Říha gives players instructions, but at the same time releases them a bit in the uncomfortable part, and the Czech game is active, fearless, the fans have fun and carry the results. The coach himself described the victory at Karjale in Helsinki, the award of the great will, the determination of the national team members and the demonstration of inner strength to improve the quality of hockey.

Big! The Czechs defeated the Russians and ruled the Karjala tournament for the second time in history.

“They all knew they didn't just come to play, but they're hungry for success, or he says, praising Aquarius for doing a great job as a team boss. He also contributed to the victorious goals against Sweden and Russia. Šustr and Jeřábek, not panic, calmed down completely, "he admits.

Surprise goalkeepers

But he certainly did not expect that goalkeepers with minimum representation experience would be so dominant. Both didn't just surprise him in a pleasant way. “Brave targets gave the team certainty and the team helped them tremendously. Everyone's attitude was absolutely perfect, "the 60-year-old coach appreciates.

Scandinavian derby for home. World Champions take second place in Karjale after Czech team

Roman Will, who has played only one national team so far, once met with the Swedes in Leksand, and in Helsinki, the premiere net account against the Russians was adorned with 32 hits. 27-year-old goalkeeper, "Always a clean account is always a matter of a team, children opened fire and made my job easier," he says.

Marek Langhamer, three years old, opposed the Finns, who also covered all five raids, so he won his third match for the Czech goal. Büyük Great satisfaction for me, both team and personal. Thanks to the team-mates who did everything for success, I may have copied them, "says the guardian of the hockey shelter in Khabarovsk.

My son helps

In the chance of dizzying Czech victory in the Haíha tournament, Karjala rejected the original plan to divide the remainder of the three goals of the match. Karel Vejmelka is not yet waiting for its national launch. “Already on Saturday afternoon, I was clear that the Russians would be more comfortable, Will, and it was an excellent choice. We wanted a lot to be successful and to finish the great tournament. Düşünüy I think all goalkeepers understand this, "says the coach, smiling as she is safer with her son as an assistant on the team and looks more comfortable in preparation, so that the former practitioner can fully exploit the feeling of play and emotion.

Czech hockey players Jan Kovář (left) and Michal Řepík (right) are trying to win the Finnish defense in a match played in the Karjala tournament.

Jussi Nukari. / TK / AP

Not only three wins but also a total score of 9: 3 proved that the Czech goalkeeper went perfectly and everyone unlocked and went into the blood before starting discipline. Although the Finns and the Russians are occasionally among the representatives of the group, we can say that the Czech team tactically defeated their opponents.

Competitors will be stronger

After seven years in Karjala and only for the second time in history, the victory was a dream start for the national team. As things go, the atmosphere and mood is better, but the results and the game cannot be overstated. The Russians entered the inexperienced election, the new coach Kudasov wanted to play younger players, and the ace played at home within a month.

Coach Milos Riha in the archive.

Vlastimil Vacek. right

The Swedes also saw that they were still looking for what to play under Garpenlöv's coach. In addition, the Czech team's game still has enough reserves. First of all, there are still many excluded, so Říha knows that working on discipline, strengthening the discipline of the game and one player must respect the other, so that no one can excuse.

Everything goes to MS

However, history will be written forever, eighteen years later, when the Czech Republic has won two games of its European tour, which its compatriots had to travel for. In addition to the weather that killed the ice of Sweden and Finland, the guards applauded their standing in their last match with Russia, which took 17 minutes to barely rest.

Success in Karjala cannot really be overstated. As they say, the rabbit is counted after the hunt and happens at the World Championships in Switzerland in May 2020. However, the choice of h & sh has raised the bar to a high level for the next part of the European hockey round and will have to show that the game improvement curve is still rising in the Channel 1 Cup.

Haíha will surely gather other players, because perhaps the best scorer Karjala is missing the next national event because a blacksmith is expected to join the family in December. Imiz We have different options, we include one, one runs away. Perhaps we will play four or five games with the Finns in Pilsen and another group of KHL players will be waiting for us in Russia. Anyway, I've already repainted the team, always trying to fold it with a clear conscience. ”

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