Thursday , May 19 2022

Comet rising to third place after Pardubice


Luboš Pavlíček. CTK

The comet showed himself with a new boost by the US Defender Schaus, while the goalkeeper Kašík still watched the match stand. In Pardubice, both wing players of the first attack, Petr Sýkora and Rolink have missed.

Despite their absence, the East Koreans were with their opponents in the top three. Good middle band defended. If the comet is already nearing the end, Zohorny and Mueller have thrown the goalkeeper Klouček. The print appeared in the first two games, but did not match the Vejmelka goalkeepers.

Brnans increased the pressure of the second three, which benefited from the targets. In the 31st minute, Mueller hit the rear of the relay, and Holik reached a blue line to defeat Malco, who shot the goalkeeper Kloučka with his first goal of the year. At the end of the second three, Kometa used the power game and Holík and Kaspar pushed his victory into the Za güçovič network.

Pardubice still tried to make a comeback the last third, but Kometa didn't let the prize win. Bubela had only one serious chance to correct it in the 49th minute of the result, and Vejmelka decided to go to the open goal.

Less than three minutes before the end of the Malleta forward in Brno, Dynamo tried a two-minute game without goalkeeper. But even the number of goals has not played a goal.

In the matches, Br kezany scored six times in a row, winning six times. Under the new coach Bdanetislav Kop Dyniva, Dynamo appeared for the second time in five games.

Round Hockey Extras:
HC Kometa Brno – HC Dynamo Pardubice 2: 0 (0: 0, 2: 0, 0: 0)
Gaps and records: 31. Malec (P. Holík, Mueller), 38. Za Zovič (Kašpar, P. Holík). Judges: Hribik, Pešina – Jindra, Zíka. Exclusion: 4: 3. Usage: 1: 0. Viewers: 7700 (run out).
Brno: Vejmelka – O. Nhmec, J. Mikuš, Štencel, Gulaši, Schaus, Malec, Barinka – Mueller, P. Holík, Za Mikovič – Köhler, Plášek. Trainers: L. Zábranský st., Horáček, Pokorný and Oslizlo.
Pardubice: M. Klouček – Trončinský, Netherlands, Cardwell, Wishart, Dúrvuk, Hrabal, elaáslav, Budík – Bird, Marošz, Mandát – Skokan, Bubela, S. Treille – Vondráček, Dušek, Perret – M. Kratochvil, Poulíček. Coaches: B. Kopřiva and Janecký.

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