Tuesday , May 17 2022

Coldplay will play in Czech and Slovak cinemas


A documentary called A Head Full Of Dreams, which gives concerts on a world-class tour, will present Czech and Slovak cinemas on a single evening on November 14, 2018!

Sophisticated concert shows musical emotions with playful effects and excellent work. All of them are Coldplay, a group that has paid one of the biggest concert shows for years. The strongest part of the four – the power of live performances – which brings the balance sheet closer. The film was selected from the world's best seventh album, A Head Of Dreams of 2017.

The fact that Coldplay concerts are an unforgettable experience that visitors don't want to leave is also known by Czech fans. The group usually doesn't miss the band, but A Head of Dreams is gone. Czech fans of the British group have an additional opportunity to be part of one of the most successful tours in popular music history.

Twenty years shooting in silence

Filming in flashy concerts gives a less attractive look to the group's archive. Director Mat Whitecross joined the group since the beginning and was also the first test in the dormitory. There are many unpublished materials on the canvas of cinemas.

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