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PRAGUE The editor of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM), but Herman resigned. He will quit after seven years at the end of the Last Year. He accepted the proposal from the private sector and gave information to IKEM in the press releases first. In a press release, the ministry's Health Minister Adam Vojtch (ANO) has resigned from his resignation and the new editor can participate in the arrest in 2019.

IKEM is a healthcare worker. The cardiac center performed 1300 operations, including 40 heart transplants, and the only person in the corps was transplanting the patient and isolating the heart. It is the largest and the most important center of Europe in the Czech Republic with 500 operations in the sweat-transplantation organization. IKEM deals with both diabetes and experimental drugs.

YKEM has led to the development of new medical procedures and methods for seven years. Since the arrest of my crimes, I have been building IKEM or developing drugs, entering the roof of the institute capacities, Herman said in the press. The hospital built a new experimental medicine mansion, which was prepared to build an acute name and two other pavilions with 56 beds. In 2020 it is ready to be held holds about 750 million crowns.

Herman graduated from the Faculty of Lkaska, Charles University in Hradec Krlov, and received a certificate in internal medicine and cardiology. She worked at the Faculty Hospital in Hradec Krlov and at the Pardubice Regional Hospital where they decided to establish a new cardiac center. He was just a member of the Executive Board of the Esk Lkask Chamber, Jan Evangelista Purkyn's only cardiologist.

Health Minister Adam Vojtch (for YES) confirmed that Herman Resignan received and accepted a letter. I would like to thank him for many years under the leadership of IKEM, who has continuously improved the quality and other economically stable farming.

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