Monday , June 27 2022

Children don't wear towels anymore. This is their job, the Greek star is angry


A young Greek tennis star doesn't like to look at her own towels at the Next Gen Finals in Milan.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, who took part in the opening duel of the Young Players Championship Tournament, confirmed the role of his biggest favorite, and Spanish Jaime Munar overcame the five teams. After the game, but for the second time in a short time, there was a reasonable suspicion about the nature of his gentleman.

A few years ago at a Basel tournament, a 20-year-old actor showed a controversial star maneuver when the young collective fellow pulled his racket. Despite his rapid apology, he was particularly critical of public networks in social criticism.

Now the situation is repeated. Why is that?

The next Gene Finals tournament comes with special rules every year. New things are being tested with the ambition of changing to the best of the current tennis system. One of the innovations of this year's Milan business is an effort to make it easier for children to play basketball.

ATP constantly wants to focus on the bartenders' constant focus on real jobs rather than on towels and bottles: the efficient distribution of balls around the garden.

Chris Kermody, the president of the Tennis Association, said, "I don't like the fact that children are giving towels to the players. It doesn't look good, it sounds like their servants."

In Milan, children do not provide this service for the first time. Behind the court, there are holders where every tennis player has his own towels, and if he is tried within the stipulated time before the next change begins, he can go to him whenever he wishes.

However, Tsitsipas, with a generally welcomed innovation in the tennis community, expressed a considerable displeasure after the match with Munar.

"This is the only novel I dislike, I still had to run for a towel, I still had to be in my head," said the 15th World Ranking Player.

Tsitsipase actually moved this change out of the concept: he had to think long and loudly in Milan on Tuesday.

"When you play high, you have only children wearing towels, something unusual that is not so, having a towel in your hand when you need it, it helps a lot, at least you can not think of something, led to thoughts.

"If you want to play your best tennis, you need concentration, and if you need to think about going to the towel now or later, it doesn't even give you any proof, I think it's not just the balls, but also the towels and the barges."

Roman did not like American Francis Tiafoe during his working hours on Tuesday. On the contrary, the Russian talent Andrej Rubljov said, "It was completely cool."

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