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Check out Nohavica from the Radio Radio. Thanks to him, he knew Vysoche, but he didn't take it from singing a song.


Commissioner Jan Fingerland this time focused on Jaromír Nohavic, devoted to the promotion of Russian culture by Russian President Vladimir Putin, namely the translation of Czech translations of Vladimir Vysocký and Bulat Okudzhavy. "He was rewarded and at the same time dishonest. It's almost like a Vysoke song," Fingerland says in an article on the Czech Radio, in which he looks at some of the features of this award.

Check out Nohavica from the Radio Radio. Thanks to him, he knew Vysoche, but he didn't take it from singing a song.
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write: Jaromír Nohavica

"For people of my generation, a young man at the end of 1980s, Nohavica had a lot to say. And thanks to Nohavic, we saw Vysoche as one of the few Russians," says Fingerland, . Both, Nohavica and Vysockij were always the voices of freedom and insecurity, # he added, adding that Nohavica was legally honored in this respect.


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He reminded that Vysocki wasn't lucky enough to live up to his freedom and he didn't know what to say about today's Russian power. His "war" songs, the Russian occupation of the Crimea celebrated a lot of rallies called. "As is well known, everyone can do what they want with the dead poets," Fingerland said, stressing that Nohavica had said Vysocke long before Putin's arrival, long before Listopad.

It is surprising that he took over only a small portion of the Vysocke or Okudžava repertoire. Sometimes it is the work of the interpreter Milan Dvo veák, not even his own translations, Russian, translator and occasional interpreter. Di Vysoche Songs is sometimes forgotten when saying Nohavica, ě he added, and he translated and reunited a series of classical and modern works of Russian culture, including Evžen Onıgina, as well as Russian songwriters.

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Another feature that Fingerland points out is that Nohavica is a very large Vysocké work and can draw the same comprehensive circle as almost Dvoınák's translations. Still, he chose a certain type of song. Mostly jokes, drinking or melancholic pieces. But it is not the works that personally comment on Russian history and its own gift.

For example, "The White of Whale of the White" is the most impressive and interesting text in the movie "Bath Beat". However, it may have been highly influenced by someone's ability to make their own decision. . He is impatiently talking about what Putin and his fellow countrymen now see as the summit of Russian history, Finger Fingerland said.

Nohavica also did not name the song Vysoke, it is said to be a whisper, starting with something like "Every papadalda is around us" and "whispering". In another famous song, "Ja nieljublju", Vysockij says that sometimes he cut off his telephone connection or even read his letters. Lar Who then? ”Notes to the interpreter.

Lastly, he added, the Milan Dvorak, which we mentioned earlier, translated into Alexander Galic, not just Vysoche or Okujva. His songs are said to be as strong as Vysoche's. And this is no less sophisticated than Okudzaval.

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Lar He really sang a lot of songs. The Russians, for some reason, speak of the occupation of Czechoslovakia several times because of Soviet imperialism, bahs Galis said, died in uncertain conditions in 1977. KGB was killed according to the KGB. one of the more experienced counterparts of Vladimir Putin from the new. Nohavica and Galic, unfortunately, did not like it, "he said after all," fingerland "is correct that his songs did not receive medals to sing today.

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