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Chalupeckého award finalists disciplinary organ, society and art, universal patch, but none – ünT24 – Czech Television


The finalists of this year's jury elected the jury in January this year. The jury members of the appointed artists and artists have appreciated that "our ever growing society has developed an extraordinary aesthetic attitude that blends into various cracks."

"The finalists of the finalists will undoubtedly focus on community issues, but their work is not a universal patch, but in many ways clashes and rises – as in art – more questions than the last ones – However, today's key issues are not simple solutions. This is, in my opinion, one of the missions of art."The jury curator of the exhibition explains Tereza Jindrová.

for example Alžbíta Bačíková In her installation, she explores how contemporary art can be opened to particular audiences. The artist has long attracted the attention of audiovisual media, and his experimental documentary portraits approach feature-length cinema. Veletržní Palace "project" in the meeting project. Picture Protagonists – Blind Theresa and Mac Deafs – are looking for a way to ride or dance together. Bačíková, "If someone does not see or hear, we are not approaching the obstacle, on the contrary, trying to change what the hero can do," he says.

Public art mediation tool, including specific target groups, but also Kateáina Olivová. In the last installment he combined feminism, women's questions and other favorite themes such as parenting. An absolutely natural expression tool for olive nudity is to perceive your body as an artistic material. Veletržní palác exhibited her lifelong body in a video, as well as showing a video in response to works exhibited and exhibited in a permanent exhibition. Her body was inspired by the children's corner. In the exhibition, baby-sitting was launched to allow parents to see the finalists in peace.

He uses his own body in his works. Tomáš Kajánek. In performances, she exposes her to a difficult physical performance, even a physical threat. As an artistic expression format, the photo and video environment usually chooses. In the National Gallery, he decided to publish two videos from a non-created YouTube channel – the most recent in July, which is a tragic accident for the two girls, and the second is drawing a doomsday collage that is trying to end the violence in the world.

However, he did not reach many people who took a video from a car accident that was accidentally viral. But they share the theme of death or destruction, and both point to a paradox about the continuous flow of violent images. On the one hand, people have learned to stay away from them, whereas such an "inertia" can be perceived as an ethical problem.

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