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Chalets and houses: rent, sale, self-construction, investment increasingly aggressive on Airbnb

Until recently,, which is predominantly offering accommodation in traditional hotels and hostels, began entering the private accommodation market. And quite strongly, the number of rooms already offered by Airbnb this year., 5.7 million alternative accommodation agreements reported last year. The server earned $ 2.8 billion, one-fifth of the company's total revenue. "We have been aggressive in the private hospitality industry for a long time, but we haven't talked about it yet," a spokesman for Leslie Cafferty said. Said.

Airbnb offers more than seven million rooms. Revenue is not officially released, estimates estimate less than billions of dollars, more should be clearer than Airbnb is expected to enter next year.

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By contrast, Airbnb has begun entering the hotel market and offers rooms for hotels and guest houses. “More and more traditional accommodation providers are starting to use the Airbnb platform to reach a wider international target group, Air said Airbnb spokesman Kirstin MacLeod. The trend was approved by the Czech management company Carebnb Pavel Nádvorník, which manages a company for a fee for apartments offered through Airbnb. Iyor We manage a small guest house with ten rooms on the outskirts of Prague. The owners were interested in it, but less than two years ago, they decided to put it in the management of our company, ve he refused.

On a global level, both companies compete with the Expedia Group, which offers hotels and private accommodation through its subsidiaries. The group has Trivago, HomeAway or Vrbo. In addition, the company offers ticket sales, car rentals, cruises and holiday home rentals. Group revenue was $ 11.2 billion last year.

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