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Barrandovsk terraces will not last more than two years. Construction of delayed reconstruction house


Prague The reconstruction of the Barrandov terraces has been delayed due to extensive work in the complex slope to build functionalist historic buildings and a new building complex in 1928. Currently, according to the architect Ondej Kukrala, the situation is likely to continue to be rebuilt and built according to the original melting.

The end of the whole area is two years or more by architecture, but it's dark. Architect Kukral and Ladislav Kuba echoed the building's newsagent.

Working range was far away, we did not equalize. Beyond the boundaries of life, the construction of this building and the building, Kukral said, was only responsible for the reconstruction of a historic building built under the architectural direction of Max Urban at the end of the 20th century, President of the Buddha, Vclava M. Havel.

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According to Kukrala, the buildings of the Nron began to return from the restoration and repair of the building. People living with the people's memory helped to stabilize the buildings and said that the construction is on the same basis so that we can continue the classical reconstruction of the building today.

According to the architect, a new historical building project will preserve its original atmosphere. There is also a restaurant and bistro. There's a 30-year-old restaurant. At that time, we should focus on a similar kitchen, public restaurant operator Robert Chejn. The restoration of the legendary Bar Trilobite, part of the complex in the mid-1930s, is not fully available.

There are two buildings near the historic building. To be successful as a cleaner in apartments. The shape S of the S song grows towards the original open terraces. Construction begins. So far, we've been caught on the slope. Only in the last few days, the construction of the land above the south was discussed by architect Ladislav Kuba.

The Functionalist building of the Barrandov terraces became part of the thirties and the thirties of the actresses. The object, especially after World War II, changed form and wished slowly. In the 1950s, a pond with a diving club was closed and the Trilobite bar followed.

Since 2001, Areal has belonged to Michalis Dzikos. The restoration work and the reconstruction of the historical building and its surroundings took place in 2016. The general design refused to say that, according to the two estimates of the architects, they should invest between 200 and 500 million kroner.

Since Barrandovsk terraces are homemade as a cult restaurant with outdoor terraces, this is a bit behind. Today they cannot work in the first republics of the form, because the environment has changed completely, both of them to Cuba.

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