Wednesday , December 2 2020

Babiš says his family filed a criminal complaint against the journalist

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"At the moment, my ex-husband and son Andrei Babiš, the legal representative, filed a criminal complaint for violating the Swiss law against the editors of Mrs Slonka and Mr Kubík List." announced that he did not know the exact legal nature of the announcement.

"They entered the building where he lived with his son. They still boast and they don't think they violated the laws of that country," Babiš said last week, after a meeting with his counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki. Under Swiss law, unauthorized interference is a crime.

An interview with Babis' son on camera secret list escalated the government's crisis, resulting in no confidence in Friday's government.

The list says that Babis's son should stay unpunished for the Crimea and chose to avoid going to the National Institute of Mental Health. He abused my father, he wanted me to disappear. In order to prosecute the home of Isapek, Babis Jr.

The Prime Minister says his first married son is suffering from schizophrenia, so he doesn't take what he says seriously. On Saturday, Babis visited his ex-wife and son in Geneva and said his son and mother had already understood how journalists abused themselves.

The Editors' Reports List says that the journalists had previously done a legal analysis that they were not doing anything illegal. News Department Director Jakub Unger said that the editorial board of Babis Jr. was seen as an important witness, and he and his mother approached him in the most sensitive way.

The Czech High Prosecutor's Office initiated prosecutors to examine the allegations that the Prime Minister's son was being held in Crimea. Police appeal to Babis' son's claim

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